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One thing one discovers with home ownership is stuff breaks and you have to fix it (or pay someone to fix it) yourself.

We’ve owned our place now for two years give or take and in those two years we’ve had our share of things breaking down. To name a few; the dishwasher, washer/dryer (well the dryer part officially) the kitchen faucet, the master bathroom toilet, the switch on the gas fireplace that does or doesn’t allow the fire to ignite seemingly dependent on the phases of the moon and now his latest enemy, the bathroom fan.

Handyman Tom has worked his way through the majority of these crisis relatively unscathed and has for the most part conquered them fully, but he may have found his Kryptonite.

Now being a previous owner of a ‘leaky condo’ one that cost me many many thousands of dollars to have the exterior basically re-enveloped; I am particularly sensitive to the shoddy workmanship in condos, particularly those built in the 90’s a very dark time in construction here in rainy British Columbia.

I’ve been nothing short of gob-smacked at what I’ve discovered ‘the hard way’ regarding construction ‘shortcuts’. Finishing nails being used instead of heavy duty nails, burn marks on shelves where a worker put down his cigarette (and turning the shelf over to hide it mind you), smashed pieces of tile patch-worked together again with tile cement, plastic wrap, nails and drywall bits left on the floor prior to carpeting so it’s bumpy and bubbly, baseboards that peel off the walls. I mean, come on! Where is the pride in workmanship anymore?

Ok, back to the bathroom fan.

One day, without warning it just stopped working. No sad whirring or weird noises, just one day we flicked the switch and nuffin, no bananas. We’ve been making do with a small counter mounted fan to help clear out the steam in there but really it’s not doing what a bathroom fan does best. It’s one of those items we need to get fixed, certainly before we sell.

Tom had taken a look at what was up there and bought a replacement fan thinking that it wouldn’t be all that hard to switch out however, it would appear that won’t be the case. First of all the builder used nails instead of screws in the mounting. Some of these nails were so difficult to get out, particularly one that was close to the wall inside that he had to buy a special small pry bar to remove, and it took a LOT of effort on his part.

Secondly, He’s found that the housing of the fan appears to have been put in BEFORE the drywall was put up for the ceiling and because the fans are a full unit, there is no way to just switch the motor, or part of the housing to sit on the old mounts. It also appears there is simply no way to remove the housing without cutting the drywall. Colour him frustrated the poor Guy! He hasn’t given up quite yet, but if it comes down to it, so we hire a professional I guess.

Still makes me want to kick builders ass though.

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