Andare di vedere il Codice di Vinci di Da

The title is probably a horrible butchering of “Going to see the Da Vinci Code” in Italian but it was either that or “Veni Vidi Da Vinci” as a title and I thought better of that one. Mostly because I thought it was funny and when I think things are funny I often get blank stares…um yeah. Like that one.

I’m not sure if Chris will be coming with. He said he was interested a week ago, but that was before he had a day off. When Chris has a day off that means being glued to his computer but for bathroom breaks and the quick woofing down of food. I’m not kidding, it’s woofing. I don’t think he’s spent more than five minutes consuming food at any given time.

Sean however is super-charged with excitement. One reason is seeing the actual movie and our wonderful company of course without saying! The bigger draw I believe is the giant bag of popcorn waiting for him with a side order of giant soda. Hopefully he’s grown past the age where his bladder is the size of a peanut. This movie is 2.5 hours long, factoring in the half hour or so of commercials, he best pace himself on that soda. At least he’s old enough to go by himself now. I can’t tell you how many movies I missed some key plot point when he would start doing the pee-pee dance in his seat.

Speaking of key plot points, because he hasn’t gotten very far in the book and I have a feeling he may get lost a bit without having the benefit of reading it first. If he takes a leak break…

The good news is this is probably the first movie I’ve seen since I stopped being ‘on-call’. That means I can turn OFF the cell phone instead of putting it on vibrate and praying nobody would call. I’ve missed a few key plot points in the past that way too. Of course I was nice enough to the people around me to make the person leave a message, leave the theatre and call them back. I wish everyone else was that nice. There have been cases where people start actually TALKING to a person during a movie. I’ve had to restrain myself from snatching the phone from their hands, ripping off their heads and stuffing the phone down the bloody stump that remains.

I’m usually that person that gets the kicker behind me too, or the two year old that whispers to his/her parent the whole way through the movie.. or I get a two-fer.. “Mommy? What’s happening NOW?” *KICK KICK*.

If it’s a kiddy movie during a matinee, ok I deserve that, I asked for it. If it’s a movie at night that is PG13 or R rated and there is a toddler present SHAME on the parents. I’m always nice at first and migrate to terse. Don’t worry I don’t rip off toddler heads or anything, but the parents are fair game.

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2 Responses to Andare di vedere il Codice di Vinci di Da

  1. ZoomerZ says:

    Uhh… I got it, “Veni Vidi Da Vinci” makes sense to me *shrug* Maybe you hang around too many humorless people?

  2. Beezzez says:

    Aha! That’s it!! It’s not that I’m weird! Heehee

    XOXO @ ya zoomy

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