Paradise theatre?

One benefit of living near a movie theatre is being able to walk there and not worry about circling a parking lot watching everyone walking to see if they have keys in hand. We leave our place 25 minutes before the movie is scheduled to start and normally that would be enough time to buy the tickets through the self service kiosk and stand in line to buy popcorn etc. Normally.

We didn’t factor in a few things, like it being Friday night or the release date of a new Pixar movie. There were bratty kids running around everywhere in the lobby and we managed to get the line with the complete techno-idiots who can’t figure out how to use a touch screen menu to select their movie, choose how many people need tickets and the how to pay. I swear one woman alone took ten minutes to purchase tickets for her and her daughter. Then there was the guy right in front of me, that tried his credit card FOUR TIMES each time it declining. I wanted to tell him ok bud, the first decline should be a clue, pull out another card or step aside! All of us standing in our various lines were shaking our heads and rolling our eyes at each other in solidarity.

We played the divide and conquer play too, both Tom and I standing in different line ups to see who’s moved faster. I won. However winning meant standing a line of three people for fifteen minutes. It took less than 2 minutes to locate, select and purchase our tickets when we finally got our turn. Geesh!We did the same when it came to line ups to purchase the snacks and my line won yet again. By the time the disorganized bunch served us up our popcorn and drinks showtime had already passed.

The good news was we missed most of the commercials (they run for I swear half an hour before a movie starts) the bad news was we were stuck on the ‘first’ row, or rather the first of the main section right at ground level. This is still better than the ‘orchestra’ row where you’re staring straight up the whole time. The theatre was pretty much packed and although it wasn’t the largest theatre in the complex it must mean the movie is still doing pretty well.

As for The Da Vinci Code movie? I really tried to disentangle myself from the book and let the movie stand on it’s own, but I found myself too many times comparing the story-lines and being somewhat dismayed at what I felt were the many liberties taken to change the actual story and even the characters and that kind of disturbed me. I have to say I loved the book, I can take or leave the movie. I can understand that there was just too much story to cram into a movie, even at 2.5 hours but I think they picked some of the wrong stuff to change, cut and speed through. Then again that’s just my opinion. I would personally give it 3 out of 5 stars.

I wonder how Dan Brown feels. I’m sure he’s quite attached to his own story, but then again with the amount of money I’m sure they threw at him to adapt his book? Oh hell, I would bend over for the man too. Here take my story, gimme gimme gimme!!

There were a couple of scenes where my weird sense of humour started me helplessly giggling where there was no intended humour. For instance a bunch of nuns walking the streets and suddenly my internal voice started singing in a high soprano “Dom a nica nica nica”. There were a couple more but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone that hasn’t read/seen it yet. The worst part is, when I get the giggles the tears can start flowing and it’s hard to stop.

Once one of my friends and I almost started a riot when we got the giggles watching Forrest Gump during a sad scene where he was talking to a grave, all because we saw his ears wiggle. People all around us were sniffling or stifling sobs and that just made it worse. It’s amazing how pissed off the people around us were that we were laughing. The more stern looks we got the more helpless the laughter became.

I’m happy to report the theatre was 100% brat free and ALMOST kickerless. I probably jinxed myself thinking I had escaped scott-free but ten minutes before the credits the person behind me stretched their legs. Can’t say I blamed them it was a long time to sit still.

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2 Responses to Paradise theatre?

  1. Beezzez says:

    BTW Tom corrected me, telling me I was close but the nuns should be singing “Dominique” I told him I was spelling it phoenetically =D.. yeah that’s it!

  2. Tom says:

    Ever wonder why “Phonetic” isn’t spelled the way it sounds?

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