Early Father’s day

We dubbed today ‘Early Father’s Day’ partly because I was convinced for some reason it was THIS weekend when I was doing my planning and partly because after I realized I was a week ahead of myself, it also dawned on me the Boy’s won’t be here next Sunday as they will be visiting their Father’s place. Ok it dawned on Sean, I’m senile.

Father's Day 2006 (early)

Both Chris and Sean picked out and paid for their own gifts to Tom which was very cool.

Tom's reaction to opening Chris' gift
Ratchet set from Chris

Tom opened Chris’ gift first because he was DYING to get back to his Computer game he was playing after breakfast/before he had to go to work. In fact I have to head out and pick him up from his work soon. He’s off at an UNGODLY hour of 10:30, especially for a Sunday night when I need to get up early!

Sean's gift to Tom (bought with his own money)
Pen from Sean with ‘Thomas’ on it

Sean was quite pleased with what he found regardless of his small budget.

*Edit* been and gone, I realized the time and had to rush off before I finished my post. Surprisingly they let the employees out only a few minutes late so I didn’t have to sit around in a dark empty parking lot for too long.

Laughing at what the card says
The “I win this argument” Father’s Day Card from Me

Tom found my card amusing… that came along with a “I win this argument” Card. (small print says ” void in any setting in which there are witnesses present. Not valid when I’m especially cranky. Expires sooner than you think..”) strangely enough the night before we had been talking about my first visit to Disneyland with Tom. He was sure it was around Christmas time and I was sure it was earlier. He said “I’m so SELDOM right about things but I’m sure about this one, let me have it” He was in fact right. When he saw the card he asked if last night counted as a redemption, I told him that one was a gimme, he still has one more this year haha. Hear that Honey? ONE more…. *grin*

His present from me was an MP3 player. I figure we are going on a trip in August, it would be nice for him to have tunes to play. I got one last year before our trip to Hotlanta. Of course I didn’t have time to figure out how to bypass it’s weird file structure before we left (got it right before we were leaving) but I’m all set for this trip now too. That is if I can find it, it’s seemed to have decided to hide on me along with a few other things I suspect in the chaos that is the top of my dresser. Ah well, it will turn up.

Tom examining his new mp3 player
Tom and his MP3 from Me

Happy Father’s Day Honey, the Boys and I love you very much.

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