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We love to have fun at our cat’s expense. Well to be totally fair, our fun generally means fun for them, but to them it’s weeeeee!!! fun, to us it’s ha-ha *finger point* look how dumb they can be fun.

Cinnamon’s first toy was a straw.

When I picked her up from the breeder, or as I like to think RESCUED her from the ‘Breeder’ as this was some lady living in a dinky hovely rental in a not-so-nice area of Vancouver she was a ball of fire. Was. Ha. IS!

When Sage died, he left a very big void in our lives, leaving us all heart-broken and to help the kids and to be honest me too, we decided to add another fur ball to our household back in 2001. It was January though, not exactly breeding time for cats and those that were horn-dogs outside of the typical breeding cycle were snapped up pretty quickly. I have a deep love of Siamese and that’s what I was looking for.

One of the people I called and who told me “Sorry all gone” called me back. She told me that a deal had fallen through so she had a female kitten if I was interested. Boy was I! I was kind of hoping for a male (I have a fondness for those too) but like a baby all I could think of is “Well as long at it’s healthy”. I was at work (no cat carrier) and so eager to go there I didn’t think about how I would get the kitten home should I decide to take her.

I was kind of taken aback by the look of the outside of the apartment, but inside it was clean enough. The lady was odd to say the least, she never really stopped talking from the minute she opened the door. I hadn’t thought to ask her how much the kitten was and when she told me $300.00 I was a bit taken aback, I was kind of expecting maybe $100 – 150 or so, but the lady told me she was a registered pure breed pedigree. I wasn’t making that much, was only a year or so into being on my own and providing for the kids AND having an enormous debt to pay off from the huge repair bills to the condo I didn’t even live in anymore, that seemed like a fortune. I was humming and hawing, having not seen the kitten yet and she asked me if I wanted to see her.

I figured, well it couldn’t hurt right? I mean I would still say no, right? The kitten was laying asleep on her bed under the covers. She explained to me that she loved sleeping that way and always slept with her under there. I asked her what happened with the previous deal and she kind of paused and then said that the lady who had taken her returned her because she found she was allergic. Hmmm.. ok, people who are allergic to pets generally know that BEFORE they get one..

She walked over to the bed and lifted the sheet and with a mrreeorrwww up popped the kitten. The kitten shook herself off and then almost like the breeder had pushed the buttons on a launch sequence the kitten took off running, and running and running, round and round the room. She did at least six laps before catching sight of me and leaping right up into my arms. No joke. I had no choice but to catch her. She reached her paw up to touch my face and looked at me with half closed eyes and purred. I was doomed. I had fallen in love at first sight.

I went out to the closest cash machine, thinking to myself “What are you nuts?” but still hugging myself with happiness. I signed the papers, receiving her pedigree ‘papers’ in return and carried her out to my car.

Ever try to drive with a nutso kitten loose in your car? I realized that there was no way I would be able to drive with that loose cannon running around the car, so I headed back to the office and picked up a file storage box. The people still in the call centre were all “AWWWWW!!!” over her and the security guard was tempted to keep her. I loaded her up and headed towards home her box buckled into the passenger side seat.

She was VERY unhappy. Siamese cats can have the worst yowls ever. I mean ear piercing howls. I tried to put my hand through the handle hole to comfort her but she wouldn’t have any of that. She saw my hand as a possible way to pull herself THROUGH the hole and shredded me. I was desperately trying to find something to amuse her and spied an old drinking straw on the floor. I poked it through the hole and sure enough, she was happily playing with it for the remainder of the ride.

What I didn’t know is that my wonderful friends at work had put together a collection and had found another kitten for me, a boy and were getting ready to pick him up. One of the contributors saw me with the kitten that night at work and tipped them off. Instead they presented me with a card and all the cash they had collected to buy him. I cried like a baby and that’s not easy to make me do.

Damn I came THIS close to escaping Cinnamon. Kidding. She has me/us wrapped around her little paw and she knows it.

Little did I know that she would think EVERY straw she saw was her toy. Countless drinks were spilled when she would come flying out of nowhere to yoink a straw out of a glass when you weren’t looking. She then discovered that pencils, pens or anything of the same shape were just as much fun so I’ve found them in the strangest places over the years.

Oh yeah, back to the fun at the cat’s expense…

Tonight I was tapping a pencil crayon I found on the chair and it sent Cinny into a frenzy. So I moved over to the wall.

I present to you.. Baryshnikitty.





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