Richmond Night Market adventure

I’ve been listening to the hype about the Richmond Night Market for a couple of years and we finally decided to check it out yesterday. We left early enough to grab dinner at Sammy J Peppers one of our fave restaurants, and the Richmond location has yet to disappoint.

We both ordered their West Coast Cajun Chicken (a fire grilled chicken breast smothered in a cajun sauce with lobster, shrimp and scallops mmmm) which was spicy but not overly. They have a million types of hot sauces to add to it if you wish. They are all about spicy there.


We still had some time to kill before the night market opened but the mall was closed and we decided to head on over because it was probably a good twenty minutes away and we had no idea what the parking would be like. Tom ended up missing the exit we needed and the highway doesn’t have a lot of exits so you can double back so it’s a good thing we had the extra time. We parked several blocks away on the street (for free) and hoofed it, getting there a few minutes before the official opening. Some of the vendors were still setting up but the crowds weren’t that intense yet.

I suppose some of the attraction is the food, but neither of us really care for buying food from street vendors as the sanitary conditions are at best questionable! Plus I’m pretty picky about what I actually eat.


The rest of the stuff is similar to swap meet caliber stuff, a lot of imports from Asia and the prices are tax inclusive. We ended up each buying a pair of sunglasses (2 fer $17.00) and I picked up a stuffed pig and a crystal bracelet (Amethyst and crystal for $15.00).
There really wasn’t a whole lot of stuff that I *had* to have. I think we both favour the swap meet out in Cloverdale over this market, but at least we know better now. I ran into one of the girls from my office there with her family. I didn’t see her she saw me. Then again I walk around so oblivious half the time that’s not exactly a surprise.

Some of the merchandise is quite hilarious. These thongs here look really painful! The beaded part would be just above the crack of your ass.


It started getting really busy just as we were leaving. You could barely get near a stand about then without getting trampled or pushed. I think we left just in the nick of time.


Separated at birth?

I put the stuffed pig down on the floor in front of Cinnamon and after she sniffed it for a minute she attacked it! Kill kill kill the pig!!


Here we are with our booty


Oh how Gangsta!

It was a fun day out. I love it when we get a day to go somewhere together!

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