Gonna be playing at Playland tomorrow

It’s that time of year again “Media Day” at Playland (local amusement park) and all four of us are going once again to take over the park along with other folks from the local TV & Radio stations etc and their families. It was starting to look like Chris was wavering on the fence towards not going, but he pulled a flip-flop and decided to grace us and the rest of the world with his presence. His rationale for possibly NOT going was that he had to work all day first. AWWW Poor dear. Last year at this time he was just graduating and was an unemployed bum. *Hands over reality check*

Yeah Son, most of us have to work all day first, suck it up Buttercup!

Of course he will have fun once he’s there. We all do how can you NOT have fun going on rides?

Oh wait, yeah I can. I’m afraid of about 25% of them and no amount of pointing and laughing will make me cave and go on. Bring it on I can take it. It’s that or I pee my pants (or worse) and cry. Nobody, I say NOBODY wants any of that. I had a death grip on the bar in front of me on the Pirate Ship ride for goodness sakes. I had ridges from the metal on my arm. Even Sean made fun of me *sniff*

I do rollercoasters though, LOVE THEM. I freak out on the way up but love the ride coming back down (and around, and cork-screwing)screaming the whole time. I used to go on every single ride ever presented to me, running with joy, fearless.

When did I become such a pansy?

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