We had a great time at Playland the other evening, I wussed out and didn’t go on any rides (yes, yes I know) but it was all the better to take pictures. The evening started out a bit hectic though.

The thing started at 6:00 pm but we had to pick Chris up after work (he was supposed to be off at 5:30 but it was more like 5:45 before he came out) and we were going to head out straight from there. Best laid plans. It turns out that the button on his pants had busted off so we stopped by our place again to let him change. By the time we got there is was shortly after 7:00. We grabbed a burger at the White Spot stand in the park. Normally I love the Spot but these park ones were really pretty gross and on the cool side. It was a quick stuff stuff and off to the rides.

REALLY hard to get a picture of a moving ride

After the ride

All the boys went on most of them, after a while Chris said he’d had enough and sat out the remainder with me.

Tom and Sean did the Hellevator again. Here is a Youtube video of the action, just click on the picture below:

The rest of the photos are in this set on Flickr

On another note, there is someone playing the tambourine somewhere nearby and it’s driving me insane. Rattle rattle rattle, bang, rattle, bang bang. Can I just say that it’s not an instrument that is meant to be heard playing solo.

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