“There’s a Moose loose a’boot the hoose”

Last night Tom and I were both home together (whoohoo!) and alone so, perfect night for Drinkie night. Nowhere to go, nothing to do except get nice and hammered.



Today, I met up with two of my cousins on my Dad’s side of the family from Scotland. They flew in last night with their Husbands on what was supposed to be a few weeks of fun touring around Western Canada. Unfortunately Marion’s (the younger of the two) Father-in-law passed away just after they got here so they are turning around and flying back as soon as they can secure a flight out, more than likely Tuesday which is such a shame.

Nettie and her Husband Drew are going to continue on and follow the plans they had laid out months back. It’s a really great itinerary, taking the Rocky Mountain train, staying a Chateau Lake Louise, the Calgary Stampede then back through to BC via the Okanagan doing wine tours and the like.

I met them at the hotel where they are staying and we had a really nice lunch. It was lovely to see family, I don’t have any in Canada so it’s rare. They hadn’t seen me since I was 6 years old and I only barely remember them, though we reconnected a few years back via email at the urging of my Aunt who didn’t want to see our generation have no family ties. My Fathers side of the family aren’t really that ‘familial’ in nature but my Aunt Mary was always different and is a very sweet woman so I feel closer to them than any of the rest.

They sweetly brought me some gifts from Scotland, one being a Quaich which is basically a shallow two handled cup that is traditionally a welcome and goodbye drink for guests. Gotta love the Scottish! Go booze!
There was also a really cute thistle picture frame and some items with the family tartan on it. They also brought me a Scottish sweet called Scottish Tablet which is basically a whole bunch of condensed milk brown sugar and butter and seriously you need a shot of insulin after eating a small piece. I remember it from my childhood but back then I could eat candy by the fistful without feeling nauseated.

We had a great time talking over lunch and taking a few photos and some videos so my Aunt Mary see/hear me talking to her. I’m sure she still pictures me as a little girl and ‘cough’ I’m a bit more than that now!! She’s well into her 80’s now and I still picture her when I last saw her so I can only imagine how weird it is for her.

When they saw me they saw the family traits right away. We have common features that run in the family, the hazel/green eyes, the small mouth, the nose (which is similiar in shape with different widths depending on the person), the cheeks the curly hair, all stuff from my Dads side of the family. They also see how I have my Mom’s skin and hair colouring but still very much of my Dad in me.

Here is a picture of Nettie and her Husband Drew with me when I was 6 at the Prestwick airport in Glasgow:

My Mom, me age 6, Cousin Nettie and her Hubby Drew 1972
Mom,Me,Nettie and Drew

This is all of us at lunch today
Me,Drew,Marion,Steve and Nettie

It was so cool to hear the Scottish accents again. I grew up around them and in fact had one myself until I went to school. I used all the Scottish slang and was totally made fun of once I hit Kindergarten. Kids are so mean!!I had an accent after a few hours with them. I’m such a sponge!! I swear someday when we move to the Southern US (I say when not if I so want to experience somewhere else for the rest of my life!) I’m going to have that accent in a week.

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