Long lazy weekend

I’ve had five glorious days of doing absolutely nadda and I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it. I hung out with Tom at the station on Sunday and he’s had the last couple of days off with me which has been great.

We did a bit of running around, but no schedule no rushes yanno? We did however, finally break down and decide to get a new microwave.

So totally BUSTED!!

Judging by the way Cinny’s glowing it’s long overdue (hah)

It has to be ordered in though and should be ready for pick up this week. The old one is…lessee.. ummm just about 7 years old. How long are they supposed to last anyway? There are some mysterious markings on the bottom of it now and we figure that can’t be good.

We went out to the Army and Navy to look at this shoe chair that I had my eye on. Yeah it’s a soft chair shaped like a high heeled shoe. The look on Tom’s face when I expressed interest in buying it was pretty funny. I have a love for really kitchy things and I thought it would be a perfect addition to our eventual rec-room (the regular living areas are pretty conservative). As it turns out the blasted thing was close to two hundred bucks, a bit too steep for something first of all at Army and Navy and second of all, a novelty item. Ah well.

Other than that it’s been lazing around and re-watching a bunch of our DVDs. Between DVD/Videos we have a shit-lot of movies but we really need to order some of those languishing on the Amazon wishlist. Gah I’m such a TV addict I go into withdrawals in the Summer.

One of the best things about summer though, it’s the perfect season for popycycles!

Tongue tint

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