Thoroughly MODern Bee

The other day I got an email through my Flickr account from a person asking for permission to use an image they found on there…

This photo:

Ogopogo statue

It was from a representative from the Surrey museum as they are holding summer education programs, one called Digging for Dinos and the lady said that they wanted to include the Ogopogo as there are theories that the Ogopogo could be a Mesozoic reptile.

They included the link to the photo and I’m all sure, no problem. Then I brought up the bigger version and noticed that I’m actually in the photo with the dino. So if the Ogopogo is from the Mesozoic era then am I going to represent a Mesozoic main course? Yeah ok I know it’s a statue and I’m sure these kids are bright enough to realize that, least I hope so, if not the Surrey School Board have their work cut out for them.

I’ve been finding myself daydreaming more and more about owning a house, and more to the point having a rec-room. I’ve been pouring over the net looking up Mod furniture as I’m totally crazy about it in MOD(eration) and the idea of it confined to one area of our (potential) house, the rest of it being oh so conservative really really appeals to me. They aren’t always actual 60’s pieces, in fact many are from designers that were way before their time. All would be considered Mod though.

All from the best site I’ve found so far of everything in one place is InMod. If you love this stuff as much as I do, you can have a lot of fun planning a room in there.

I heart that chair. I covet that chair. I will have that chair. It’s just a measly fifteen hundred bucks (200 more if you want speakers!)

For the couch and occasional chairs, THIS style:

Abolutely freaking gorgeous! I’m not keen on the Raspberry colour, but it comes in tons of colours and fabrics, even in Microfibre!

For lighting, other than my lava lamps, a MUST is a Sputnik light

Not totally sold on the table lamps but this one would be a contender

Coffee Table? Ah yes… nothing but Noguchi

Last but not least, a Mod room requires wall Art, art which comes so you can paint it the colour you want it to be.

Poor Tom eh?

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