Tinkle tinkle pssshhhh

So this morning I do my usual get ready for work routine taking my “God it’s still too hot in here to have a hot shower, shower”, makeup, attempt to control the hair, you know the drill. I’m not one to figure out the evening before what I’m going to wear, every so often I try but I always veto the outfit in the morning anyway so any attempt is cursory at best. This means of course anything I have picked out has yet to see the hot side of an iron.

I walked into our laundry room (we have a built-in ironing board in there, something by the way that I want to repeat again in every living space we ever have going forward for ever and ever it’s so handy) pulled down the board, plugged in my iron and went to walk out the door to gather my things together when I thought I heard a pssshhh sound followed by a distinct almost metalic tinkle.

You know those moments of dread when you realize in your gut you know something is really wrong? Yeah. It took me a second for it to compute in my morning-addled-brained-pre-coffee state, but it was the sound of water, water tinkling,yeah and pshing.

I opened the door to the freaky enclosure that the previous owner built around the hot water tank and yep, there be water cap’n. Fortunately for us, it hadn’t gone above the lip of the drain tray and was making it’s way down the pipe to the underground parking lot so we had that going for us.

Running through to the bedroom I woke up poor Tom who leapt out of bed faster than I’ve seen him move in a while and he came out and turned off the water supply to the tank. See I’m so girl-dumb about that sort of stuff. I mean I’ve dealt with a leaky tank before, I HAD to turn off the water in the past, duh Belinda turn off the water! Psshh!

After that we kind of just looked at each other and said,”ok now what?” Tom pulled out the yellow pages and found a couple of numbers to call, one said 24 hour number, same day service, member of the BBB AND a Lutheran (hey can’t hurt). SOLD! The catch was, it had to be in the morning as he had a shift this afternoon. I had to leave for work or be late so I headed down to the garage. I saw the river of water we created winding it’s way towards the drain in the parkade and it had obviously been going for a while.

First order of business, the above mentioned freaky enclosure had to be taken apart. Tom said it was easier than he thought it would be. I mentioned to him how I thought it was held together by finishing nails, he confirmed it was, and held to the wall using PUTTY!

Tom kept me posted on the progress via email, it turns out they were able to show up with the tank between 9:30 and 10:00 and with a few trips back and forth to his truck the guy had it installed and up and running a while later. Yay! Of course we were $650 bucks lighter in the bank account, but what are you gonna do? Take cold showers every day?

So Garry Richard’s Water Heaters only? I’m sending you some love! You rock!

Here is our new addition, awwwww!

I swear I jinxed us, because not more than a few days ago, I was talking to one of our neighbours about a small fire that happened on the roof of another building in our complex and she told me that there had been a few dryer fires over the years and how lately all of the hot water tanks seem to be going. I came in the door and mentioned it to Tom and wondered aloud if ours was one of the originals still left in this place and how if so ours could be next. Gah! The upside is, whenever we get around to selling this place and moving on, we can say it’s a newer HW tank.

I guess I should be keeping an eye on the fridge, I’ve said the same thing about that one and it’s been making some funky noises lately.. eep!

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