Me? Cranky? Nahhhh!!

It’s hot so the windows are open. On top of this place being hot, me being fairly cranky despite a short work-week, there is a group of REALLY annoying brats running around outside right now. A few minutes ago they were in the lobby, which is RIGHT beside our suite and howling because of the echo. Over and over. “OOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOH” URGH!!

This building is for the most part inhabited by older people which we LIKE and it’s turning into a NO RENTAL owner occupied place as soon as the last of the four rentals move out. SWEET! Sure the neighbours can be on the crusty side but most of them are very nice. They also hate annoying brats.

As I sit here three count them THREE old ladies went out to tell them to shut up, you go gals! They saved me from being that middle-aged cranky lady who lives by the door who “they” whisper about. I’ve yelled “SHUT UP” to a few kids where I lived before (also “stop throwing rocks, firecrackers on the roof, snowballs” etc). At first I’m nice about it, you know “hey do you mind keeping it down to a dull roar” or “Although I find the bang bang bang of your firecrackers endlessly entertaining and true having said flaming tubes launched at your roof could be considered living on the edge”.. after a while I would turn into the wild eyed, foaming mouthed crazy old lady that become legend in neighbourhoods.

I find now taking their picture (or pretending to) can be a very good deterrent. I will go out or to the window with camera in hand, tell them to smile and now that I have their picture it shouldn’t be too hard for council to figure out who their parents are and fine them. That makes them go away.

Don’t get me wrong, I mean I love my kids and like kids in general if they aren’t wild and misbehaved. I mean in a park, playground, hell in their own back yard if they stay there, have at it. Fill your boots. It’s the ones that run around in an area that isn’t meant for playing, press your number in the buzzer thing at the front door, giggle and run away (like just now)and tear up landscaping. This is a nice QUIET building with no playground which should = people with no small kids, duh!

So this group of kids after being told to shut up countless times go to the intercom and call their Mother, I don’t know if all these kids belonged to the same person (one would hope not I believe the most bedrooms these places have is TWO unless you have a place with a loft). The kid tells his mother that people have been telling them they are being too noisy and to stop running around and playing ball in the landscaped area. This mother of the year tells them to go play in the parking circle. This is the place in front of the building that accesses the two underground parking lots and the car wash area.

Lady, if your kids have energy to burn TAKE THEM to a park, let them run around and annoy the squirrels.

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One Response to Me? Cranky? Nahhhh!!

  1. Tom says:

    They were playing in the circle when I got home…FORTUNATELY for them I always slow down as I’m pulling in (UNLIKE most of the other tenants in the complex, but that’s another rant!).

    Someone needs to teach these kids that if a car DOES pull in, to stop playing and move out of the freakin’ WAY already!!!

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