Butt scootin’ boogie

As anyone with pets would understand butt-nuggets, dingleberries, poo-drops, chocolate deposits whatever you want to call them, happen. There are times when the loaf just isn’t pinched completely and there are some ‘hangers-on’.

We have two cats with two very different personalities which even in this circumstance is glaringly obvious. Nutmeg, when faced with a butt-nugget generally will walk around with it still attached to his, um, sphincter until gravity and/or movement decides to dislodge it. Sometimes we are made aware of it prior to finding these ‘surprises’ on the floor (hopefully not the bad way)

Cinny however has her own special style.

When Cinny normally goes poo, she exits the litter box, pauses then takes off at a skidding run (on the laminate floor) running around the house with boundless energy at lightning speed. It’s like she’s lightened her load (literally) and is celebratory. However when she has a butt-nugget there are very different ways she deals with them.

On more than one occasion she will take off at a run doing what I call ‘the poopy-dance’. This dance is a combination sprint-run-wiggle-kick movement whos description I simply cannot do justice with words, it’s something you just have to witness for yourself to truly understand. I’ve run after her in horror/hysteria trying to ensure the stray nugget doesn’t end up landing somewhere I don’t want it to.

Another trick is a form of desperate scooting. Picture her, her pointy triangular siamese head jutting forward, back legs thrown up in the air like a cheerleader on prom night propelling herself with her front paws like she’s in some kind of wheel chair. Pure panic in her face, leaving a nasty trail behind her until she disposes of ‘it’.

Now all of this grosses me out but it REALLY grosses out Tom. I’ve seen his face when he sees this, it’s priceless!

He had me in stitches the other night telling me about Cinny’s latest. She had jumped across the bed and Tom noticed a butt-nugget dangling from her butt by a hair, dangling a LOT farther down than it should be if it were still attached to her or one of her hairs. “EWWWW it was like she swallowed a HUMAN hair!!” And as they say what goes in….

So she leaps across the bed and Tom jumps after her trying to keep her in sight quickly confirming that nothing actually dropped on the bed (phew) before taking off after her of course watching his feet as he goes. He found the deposit by the bed on the floor and then went out to the living-room to look for any other ‘kids she may have dropped off’. Sure enough there was another gift at the end of a meandering butt smudge on the floor leading from the litter box to the ‘nugget’.

The whole time he’s telling me this, I’m laughing until I’m crying, partly because of the mental image, but mostly from his face as he’s telling me the story.

He’s gotten so much better dealing with stray animal deposits, whether it be from north or south of the border but the litter-box? Yeah that is still my domain.

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2 Responses to Butt scootin’ boogie

  1. Jen says:

    I am all-too-familiar with the “hangers-on.” Usually, it’s because of my hairs that Sierra has ingested, so Roth makes me “deal” with it. Most of the time, Sierra can work it out herself, but sometimes the stubborn ones need some help from a mammal with opposable thumbs. The things we do for our pets!

  2. Beezzez says:

    Amen Sister! We deserve a medal!

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