The importance of friendship

Have to explain a few things here…

My friend Lisa and I used to talk on messenger and/or chat pretty regularly, mostly towards the end of my first marriage when I was still living with my ex through until just before Tom moved up here for good in 2003. So basically we’d been talking a good 5.5 – 6 years pretty much single every day at least for a while each day, sometimes by phone, mostly by messenger.

In fact, I was talking to Lisa (Aka nicknamed “Shelby” on messenger) in a ‘chat room’ the night I met Tom back in 1999…

Now I have to admit, the messenger I talk to Lisa in, I can change the name of the person talking that displays to me, but I can’t see what she calls me on her side.. and she can’t see mine. We changed each other’s name displays YEARS ago…I changed hers to ‘Shel the Queefer’, hahem!

Lisa and I have lived and helped each other through a lot of stuff in our personal lives through the many years we’ve been friends, and we’ve always made each other laugh. Part of our affection for each other is to insult each other, it’s just our thing…I haven’t talked to her in a few months so here’s an extract from our messenger conversation tonight, we were just talking about how we had missed each other and valued each other’s friendship.(sorry for the swearing, honest!! heehee)

-honey_bee-: now before i get all soft and shit
-honey_bee-: let me say
-honey_bee-: you’re still a fucking whore
SHEL THE QUEEFER: well I want to be respected also…and you don’t get respect unless you give it
SHEL THE QUEEFER: well your still a KUNT
SHEL THE QUEEFER: whew! that took a long time to come out
-honey_bee-: just so we’re clear
SHEL THE QUEEFER: omg…laughing here
-honey_bee-: me tooo haha
SHEL THE QUEEFER: damn..I can’t believe how much I missed talking to you
-honey_bee-: had to shake off that sappy shit
-honey_bee-: Hey BTW I forgot what name did you put for me on ur messenger thingie?
SHEL THE QUEEFER: “Married little stinky finger”
-honey_bee-: RIGHT!!!
-honey_bee-: HAHA
SHEL THE QUEEFER: was gonna change it…but damn… seemed so right!
-honey_bee-: u remember urs right
-honey_bee-: ?
-honey_bee-: “SHEL THE QUEEFER”
SHEL THE QUEEFER: roflmaooooooooooooooooooo
SHEL THE QUEEFER: you are such a KUNT
SHEL THE QUEEFER: lmaooooooooooo
-honey_bee-: GUTTER SLUT

ahhh friendship!

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2 Responses to The importance of friendship

  1. tom says:

    And believe me, folks…this is the “PG” stuff in their lexicon (I’ve witnessed them both say things that would make a Rahway prisoner blush)!

  2. Beezzez says:

    Yeah and she uses a K in the nasty word cos and to quote her “If she used the C that would make me useful” HEEHEE

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