Aboot Toon

Sean and I attempted to do a photo walk this afternoon. I say attempted for a couple of reasons. One, he didn’t charge his batteries before we left (they were last charged over a week ago) and two, because if was so M.F.ing hot out there we probably lasted just over an hour and a half. I mean seriously it had to be close to 100 degrees out our way and NO breeze what-so-ever. Crazy! It would have been a lot more fun to go to a park or a beach but good luck getting a parking spot that late in the day in mid-summer so we stuck with the ‘hood. That and he still wouldn’t have had charged batteries had we made it to a park…

I think the hardest thing to deal with weather-wise is it has been going from a nice mild 70’s to the 90’s from week to week, I mean come on Mother Nature, what about the 80’s? I LIKE the 80’s! Both Sean and I were wearing dark colours too. Ummm hello! Durrrrr.

(I felt like these M&Ms melting on the sidewalk)

Mmmm blackberries!

Truly though, there wasn’t much to photograph around here unless you went for foliage in the school grounds, or macro on the flowers/ground. It’s a fairly urban area which is great for shopping and restaurants, but not so good for nature. We used to live a reasonable distance to a city park AND the local school grounds had open fields and there was plenty of nature around.

Sean takes a pic of me mid-sentence.. nice


We grabbed sandwiches for dinner as it’s just me and the Boys tonight and stopped by the corner store to get slurpies. About halfway through mine I remembered how much I hate sugar in drinks (Diet Coke all the way baby) and then ended up drinking about five glasses of water to compensate for the over sweet taste. This is five glasses of water over and above what I’ve already drunk today (before and after the walk) which is about another 7. Thing is, I’ve barely peed so I obviously needed it.

I love the Sean is still cool about hanging out with his old Mom. I’m going to enjoy every second of that.

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