Da plane

For a girl who hates to fly I’m going to be flying a whole lot in one week, once to Toronto on bizness and once for fun to VEGAS BABY!!

The biz trip is kind of a turnaround. Fly in Monday evening, stay overnight and then fly back after the meeting Tuesday. Because the last time I few over a three hour time zone change within a 24 hour period I was completely effin useless the next day, I’ve decided to work from home a half day on Wednesday and get done what needs to be done and then zone out the rest of the day. Of course that’s the plan, who knows what could come up in the meantime. The ‘Boss Lady’ (Hi Linda!) is cool with that. We’re traveling together actually and she’s taken my advice and will be working from home the next day as well.

We take off on our trip to Vegas next Sunday and we are in Vegas until the following Friday. The boys will be staying with their Father and the cats will be incarcerated in “Kitty Jail”. Taking them to Kitty jail involved a harrowing car ride TO jail with Cinnamon howling the entire way. She HATES car rides because she knows it’s to the Vets. She spent a lot of her time at the vets over a one year period after she smashed her leg (and re-broke it several times times enduring multiple surgeries to fix her). The thing is she got to know and LIKE the Staff there, so once she’s there she’s ok. They spoil her rotten, she’s their poster child for good care. The let her out to run around the office with the doctors and nurses. She does get fed up after a while and wants to come home though.

Nutmeg on the other hand, he’s not really that social so being in a strange place with strange people and animals around him isn’t any fun at all. The poor guys are shedding like crazy when we pick them up. It’s almost like they suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome when they get home. They wake up like Vietnam vets having nightmares and are super clingy. We feel bad about that, but there isn’t anyone in our area we can tap to come over and look after them. Plus frankly, we don’t trust Cinnamon to be left alone for any length of time as she gets super destructive.

Once when my friend Dawn was looking after them (she lived close to where we used to live) she found the freezer door had been kicked open and everything had melted into the fridge below (popsicles, etc ack!) and Cinnamon had spooled a lot of toilet paper into a pile on the floor, then flipped the main part off into the toilet so it soaked up all the water in the bowl and blew up ten times the normal size.

It didn’t just end there either, oh no! Cinny also spilled her water bowl into the food and all the litter she had flicked out onto the floor in a temper, and then used her paws to mush it together to make a sticky, lumpy paste.

Poor Dawn!! She cleaned up that whole mess AND replaces all my freezer food for me while I was away. What a friend!! Of course I paid her back for all the food she bought for me, and Cinnamon bought her a lovely present and a “I’m Sorry” card. BAD CAT!!

Needless to say, that was the last time I asked Dawn to help. She still offered but oh my gosh, I wouldn’t put her through all that again and she’s not close by anymore since we moved. Besides, we don’t want Cinnamon to do anything stupid to break her leg again or anything when we’re not around. She’s high maintenance and it’s much easier to have a good time when we know she’s being watched like an hawk.

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