Hello from the big T.O.

Through the magic of in-room high speed internet and my laptop I’m coming to you now from the desk in my hotel room at the The Grand Hotel in Toronto. I have to say the service has been great and the rooms are really quite nice. They are suites so you have a sitting area with a TV should you be so inclined and another TV in the bedroom area.

sitting area in my roomBedroom Grand Hotel

The bathrooms are nice, it has a little kitchen area with a stove and dishes and stuff, though I don’t think there is any pots in there. You’d probably have to buy some if you were going to fully use this place but I’m thinking it doesn’t get used much other than the fridge… and as mentioned before, there is high-speed Internet which makes sense if they are going to cater to the business traveler.

Bathroom at the Grand Hotel in TorontoKitchenette in my room

Fear of flying aside the flight was smooth and uneventful as any good flight should be. The thing I find utterly amazing is nowadays on Air Canada, and maybe other airlines, you need to pay extra for food. At least it isn’t the normal ‘airline’ fare it’s Swiss Chalet or Subway food, along with some heated up entrees from President Choice (can we say eww?). But whatever, still not worth shelling out good money for.

Linda picked me up this morning and we made excellent time to the airport traveling Mach-3 (heehee) and we decided to grab a nice sit-down breakfast before the flight. That along with some snacks got us through the flight.

The flight seemed especially long and both of us were feeling quite antsy towards the end. There was a pretty bad movie for in-flight entertainment…16 Blocks a Bruce Willis movie that I don’t even recall seeing any promos for. Wonder if it was straight to DVD? Anyway it pretty much sucked, but it killed some time.

Pearson airport just keeps getting bigger and bigger! It took a few minutes to figure out where we needed to go to get to the ground transportation. We took a look at the limo line (limos run pretty close to the flat taxi rate into downtown T.O.) but the taxi line was shorter (BECAUSE the rates are so close) so we just decided to grab a cab. Of course the cab was not air-conditioned so we were a tad windblown by the time we got to our hotel. On the plus side, the cabbie knew his way around town. I’ve experience the other type and I hate being at the mercy of a cabbie who’s “lost” ie running up the fare. I guess the flat rate discourages any wayward leanings one may have.

We were both pretty wiped after traveling so we both took a half hour or so to relax in our respective rooms and then met for dinner. We decided to just hit the restaurant in the lobby which was pretty good. We both had an appetizer and had pasta for our main course. My appetizer was a Caesar salad. I have to say this is the very first Caesar salad where the salad came as what looks like a bunch of romaine lettuce hacked in half and put in a plate of dressing with croutons and what appears to be a hunk of fried parm cheese on the side. It was good mind you, but it was weird having to do all the work to cut it up. Must be some kind of nouveau restaurant thing? I dunno, I guess I’m just simple folk who’s used to my salad being all cut up like. The pasta was good, I’m so stinking of garlic right now, it’s probably a good thing I’m by myself!

Ceasar Salad?

Cheers! (taken by the waitress)

After a good dinner and lots of laughs we decided to explore the hotel and some of the amenities. They have a roof-top garden with a jacuzzi and a pool that looked really impressive on Travelocity. The roof-top area was amazing and wow what gorgeous views of the city! We took a bunch of pictures up there and then headed down to the pool. The pool is a LOT smaller than it appears in the photos on the travel site, but that’s par for the course I guess. It was nice though, if not over chlorinated. The smell drove me out after taking a few snapshots. I’m sure the two couples in the pool were wondering what these two weird women were doing taking pictures, but whatever. Like we’re going to see THEM again!?

Rooftop view from the Grand Hotel

So now I’m alone in my room and missing my wonderful Husband immensely!! I always hate being away from him. Sappy huh? But it’s very true. I also miss my Boys. I always feel lost when they aren’t around.

Our meeting starts at 9:00, though we’re supposed to be there for 8:30 for breakfast and I guess to mix a bit.

I’m tired, yet not tired as back home it’s only 7:30 even though the clock shining behind me says 10:30. I think my body and mind thinks it’s somewhere in the middle.

Here’s hoping I sleep well, I don’t tend to in strange beds.

Pictures to come when I get home. *Edit* pictures have been added

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One Response to Hello from the big T.O.

  1. Sappy Tom says:

    Poor Hon! At least I had one of the cats to keep me company last night (Cinnamon, of course…Nutmeg stopped being a “bedfellow” a long time ago).

    I miss you tooooooooo….hurry home!!!

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