Sugar Pie Honey Bunch

Wow am I ever glad to be home and man I am ass-tired. I put in a couple of hours working from my home office but I don’t think my brain ever got out of first gear.

After a nap I’m still dragging, but I’m hoping that second wind doesn’t kick in so I’m good and tired tonight.

During break from the meeting Linda and I took a walk-about and took some pictures of downtown. As we only had about 15 minutes we didn’t get to go far or see that much which is too bad. Toronto is a pretty nice city, although my heart belongs to Vancouver. In my mind it’s way nicer here even if we don’t have as many towers…

Sun Life Financial Tower DT Toronto

Self portrait in the mirrored walls

The plan was right after the meeting to head to the airport and home (yay!)

What we had to look forward to however, along with the three hour time difference was after sitting in an all day working session; an hour or so cab ride, two hours in an airport THEN a 4.5 hour flight home. Severe numb-bum occurred somewhere over Saskatchewan. Then a severe case of the fidgets. I felt like running up and down the aisles screaming “LET ME OUT, LET ME OUT, LET ME OUT!” but that would have just got me restrained, and well, arrested.

There's something on the wing, there's-some-thing-on-the-wing

I have to say, I wish Air Canada would invest in a new pre and post flight soundtrack. I think it’s the same five Motown hits they play every single time on repeat. Since yesterday I’ve been haunted by the song “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch” the lyrics running through my mind over and over. MAKE IT STOP!

Here is the rest of Toronto trip photoset on flickr!

I added pics to illustrate my previous post as I just got them off my camera =)

So glad to be home, I missed my family sooo much!

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