Agony of da feet

Along with showing other bits of skin summer means bare feet and skimpy shoes. To me it also means a whole LOTTA pain.

I have, I believe, the most sensitive skin on the planet. I use scent-free laundry detergent and have many times put up with an outbreak of hives when I’ve used the lovingly purchased drugstore Mother’s day bath beads from my Boys. I mean come on, I get rashes from adhesive and lord have mercy I’m glad condoms are out of my life now cos boy howdy, nothing like a ‘down there’ rash from a latex allergy!

Anyways, yeah you got my point, sensitive skin.

With these bazillion degree temps we’ve been having, there is no such thing as socks and shoes it’s all about bare feet and sandals and for me it’s all about blisters.

I had been doing pretty good wearing some of my more comfy slides and sandals. You know, the type that have the softer lambskin type leather straps which are supposed to be gentle on your feet. Sure, if you don’t do a lot of walking, just the commuter type. Walk to car, drive to train, ride train, walk to office, (walking to printer,bathroom,coffee machine) walk to local food place (more printer,bathroom,coffee machine), walk to train, walk to car, drive home, plant ass.

The problems started with my walkabout with Sean on the weekend. My favourite slides gave me two small but rather painful blisters on the top of my left foot. Generally if I’m going to have a blister on the top of my feet, for some reason it’s my left. If its a blister on my heel it’s usually my right. I’m thinking this means my right foot is fatter and shorter because it stays put side to side but rubs up and down…

I thought I was being smart and took my suede shoes that are kind of moccasin-like on my trip to wear for the actual walking/airport deal and a pair of airsole sandals for the meeting which were kind of funky. I wasn’t planning on doing a lot of walking at the meeting so I figured it would be ok. Well, the sandals gave me three new blisters on my left foot, this time by my toes and the moccasins? Yeah, a blister on my right heel. One of those real DEEP kind in the tougher part of my heel. YUCK and OW!

I guess it’s my fault for going barefoot in them, but seriously who wants to wear anything on their feet when it’s hot??

So I’ve been looking on the ‘net for suggestions on what to do about sore feet and blisters. Its a comfort to know I’m not alone with this malady, because there are plenty of women suffering for the love of sandals, but the suggestions have been all over the map. The most intriguing one has been the suggestion of foot lube which kind of sounds like it’s for a whole other purpose, not to mention kink, but ok then.

Supposedly this stuff when rubbed on your feet will prevent the chaffing/rubbing that causes those nasty blisters to form. I’m thinking now about how if I were to rub lube all over my feet, how I will keep from slipping out of my slides/sandals? No blisters, but one heck of a twisted and or broken ankle in my future? I’m seriously intrigued enough to try and find the stuff though, especially before we head to Vegas this weekend and all the walking THAT will entail.

Another suggestion was moleskin applied to the offending part of the shoe, but wouldn’t that just give a different surface for your heel to rub on? A moleskin one? When I read the package it suggests putting some around the area, actually on your skin but not on the blister, ahh.. hmm wonder if the adhesive will give me a rash? Yeah so I bought some anyway, I’m such an advertising whore. I’ve got millions of different mascaras to prove that I’m a marketers wet dream.

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