Off to Vegas (baby!)

It’s been a day of running around and preparation for the journey to Vegas (baby!) You know the usual picking up of last minute items, dropping the furry kids off at ‘camp’ and ferrying the Boy to and from work. Oh yeah and the cleaning of the house.

See, I’m of a mind that you can’t leave a messy house when you go away on vacation. What if something happens and someone has to enter the place, you know a pipe or something. I don’t want anyone to think we’re messy! We’re not messy, just sometimes chaotic but I’d rather people think Martha Stewart lives here. It’s just a thing.

TIRED from cleaning! (drama queen)

Ok this is better...??
Tom EXHAUSTED from cleaning! (Drama King)

To top it off along with the usual pick 100 items of clothing and slowly pare it down to ten days worth of clothing on a six day trip like usual, I was on the hunt for an elusive pair of capri pants. Worse, they are my FAVOURITE pair of capri pants. I went on a ‘purge’ a few months back but I knew those hadn’t been donated to good will. I mean seriously I have enough clothes to dress three of me really, but I had to have THOSE capris. Hummm but then again I don’t have enough pants, I have enough TOPS to clothe three people… Anyway as per usual they were in the last place I looked. Which come to think of it is one of the stupidest sayings, because obviously one stops looking when one finds what they are looking for.

Oh yeah and I picked up some of that foot lube I heard about. I will let you know if it actually works or if I just bought into the marketing like a dumb-ass.

Umm foot lube

A while back I bought a new suitcase because Tom stole, I mean borrowed my bigger one and I was stuck with two smaller ones the last trip we took which was hell to maneuver. I bought a pink one, which makes it highly unlikely that it will be stolen, I mean borrowed in the future by any Males in this household. I though it looked a touch big in the store compared to my old one. Turns out its Suitcasezilla. I’m thinking it may be a challenge moving around the airport with this puppy, but whatever, its got more room in it for the booty I plan on bringing back. I’m hitting up Ross in Vegas to feed my ever so starving clothes monkey once again.


Now I’m enjoying a nice glass of wine and blogging while Tom packs his suitcase and drinks HIS wine.

See you next Saturday!

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