Part 1 Vegas 2006 – The trip down and arrival

We booked our flight to Vegas out of Seattle because frankly, it saved us some real bucks. I’m not sure why it’s that much more expensive to fly out of YVR but whatever, it’s a 2.5ish hour drive to Seattle from here and it seemed to be a no brainer. We had booked it so we would arrive in Vegas just after the dinner hour on Sunday July the 30th and would be flying back in the later evening August 5th. Plenty of time to enjoy Sin City and not feel rushed or pressured on either end. Nice!

We work up early, but not TOO early which was great. We had packed and cleaned the night before and we were pretty bushed. The last minute stuff was shoved into our cases, we did the last minute walk around to check that everything that should be was turnedoffunpluggedputaway and we both checked for the billionth time that we had our travel documents and ID safely in our carry ons. Cool, ready to head out!

Bagzilla (my suitcases new name) and his much smaller friend Pride were packed in the trunk and we did another check for our ID etc and then drove out of the parking garage. It was PISSING rain which I think helped to discourage people from traveling to the States that day, because border traffic was almost non-existent. We had built in some line-up time just in case which meant we were plenty ahead of schedule. During the ride down the skies cleared and it was a pleasant drive. At one point we were following some kind of tanker truck which must have been empty, because every few seconds it’s ass end was jumping up in the air like some teenagers low rider. It set us off giggling, part of which was probably holiday induced euphoria talkin’.

We stopped off at a Ross in the Seattle area and picked up a few things (just had to!) and then headed for parking lot we had booked for the week. The guy loading our suitcases raised his eyebrows looking at bagzilla, and I quickly told him it belonged to Tom (heh).

We got to the airport went to one of those check in yourself terminals and took the train to our gate. When we got there, we realized that the flight was delayed by over an hour! Buh! As time wore on, so did the groove we were wearing in the terminal floor.

The delay was bumped up by increments of 15 minutes at a time, and it would seem other Alaska flights were suffering from the same pain. One gate we were hiding out in (it was quieter than ours) the people waiting were moved to an entirely different concourse which meant they had to haul ass over to the train and go through security again ech! We ended up watching a live version of ‘Airline’ (A&E show) when some dude (the guy in the baseball hat below) who was on a delayed flight finally realized that the plane was boarding (after they paged him I don’t know how many times)and arrived after they had shut the door to the gate. He argued that the flight was delayed and he “Was there the WHOLE TIME” uh yeah right. He was pretty rude to the Staff so I had to take a sneaky shot of him…by the time I got the camera out though he had stopped gesticulating dammit!

This dude was yelling like he was in an episode of A&E's Airline
The rude dude

We FINALLY took off just about 2.5 hours after we were supposed to and MAN we were grateful to get out of there. The airport is such a boring place and I get major fidgety before flights so giving me extra time to stew before one is not a good thing.

The flight down was pleasant enough, apart from my seat mate who’s butt took up her seat AND a portion of mine. Worse she decided to sleep the entire way down so she turn towards the window which made her ass stick out even more. I mean I don’t have exactly a tiny ass, but it stays in my own seat thank you very much! We also had teenagers in front of us, a brother and sister team who were punching each other in their seats, and then the girl decides to put her chair ALL the way back. I hate it when people do that. I have long freaking legs and it makes me feel even more claustophobic.

The chick beside me took up half my seat and hers... she slept like this the whole way
The weird chick beside me

Anyway, there were no major bumps until we were just about to land. Tom reminded me that we would feel the bumps as the plane was landing over lake Mead. The views were awesome though, most of my flights to Vegas we were landing in the dark which is cool to see the lights, but you don’t get to see the desert very well.

There's something on the wing there's SOME-THING-ON-THE-WING!!

Our suitcases arrived pretty quickly and we purchased a one way shuttle ride to the hotel because we had plans to rent a car mid week which we would then use to return to the airport. The guy made two other stops before we got to Bally’s which wasn’t too bad.

We got such a good deal at Bally’s but we had read some reviews both good and bad depending on what tower you stayed in. One had been renovated, the one that didn’t have the nicest views, and the other which had Strip views was supposedly kind of ragged. We lucked out though and were put in a nice room in the North Tower without even asking, just being pleasant. It had double beds, but we’re a cozy couple so whatever. They offered to move us the next day to a room with King but we didn’t feel like moving and just kept the same room.

Our Room at Bally'sOur Room at Bally's

Score! The hotel is nice!
Overall, SCORE!!

We ventured out for a bit of a walk-about to check out the hotel and then basically came back in picked up a sandwich at one of the only open places in the hotel (it was pretty late by then) and camped out the rest of the night in our room so we could start out fresh the next day.

Our first night short venture out (it was late)

For Trip down and arrival pictures click here

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