Part 2 (the first full day in Vegas)

This first day we didn’t see a lot of the morning. In fact we woke up pretty close to lunch time but oohhhhh what a luxury! We cleaned up and decided to hit up a place in the Flamingo that we were familiar with for breakfast. We had been warned by Tom’s ex that the restaurants in Bally’s weren’t all that and this place we knew from experience.

We greeted the person serving us our coffee with gratitude and ate a nice relaxing breakfast. This day we had no real schedule, just one task to accomplish really which was to pick up tickets for the Blue Man Group for a Wednesday show. We had checked it out online and it appeared that getting nose-bleed tickets was not a problem for the Wednesday show. These tickets do not come cheap my friend, so nose-bleeds was a-ok with us.

I wanted to go visit the flamingos and penguins but found only the flamingos remained (I swear the sun is making the flamingos even less pink) as it turns out the penguins had been sent to I believe it was the Detroit Zoo. Fair enough it’s pretty darn hot in Vegas but I missed seeing them I love penguins. They still had the sun turtles though. I was a bit disappointed to find the flamingo fountain wasn’t working properly either with only one spitting flamingo but I made use of it anyway and asked Tom to stand in front so it would be spitting on him..which in the smaller picture you can’t really see, you need to make it bigger.


We were both amused the evening before to see a female form on the side of the Flamingo Hotel. Tom was pointing out how someone would be in the crotch room and of course the boob rooms. In the daytime we could finally see it was in fact a ‘poster’ for Toni Braxton who was going to be an act at the Flamingo at some point in the near future. Just had to grab a shot of that..


We wandered down the strip towards the Venetian which is the Blue Man Groups new venue. They used to play at the Luxor but supposedly this new theatre was bigger and allowed for some show changes they wanted to make so cool!

When we reached the show tickets area there were statues of the Blue Men right beside it and we couldn’t help but pose with them. The funny part was, nobody was going NEAR them as they were afraid they were real people (like the statues in Caesars I guess) and didn’t want to the grab them or something. I went right up and poked one in the eye (or near enough to it cos I don’t even like touching statue eyeball) and the next thing you know people started posing for pictures with them. Gawd! Seriously even if they were real people they aren’t going to hurt you or anything!


It turns out that when you bought tickets to the Blue Man show you also got complimentary tickets to Madame Tussauds wax museum. We figured hey, it’s free and it’s right there so we decided to head on over to check it out. I was hoping to get a picture of Tom with one of his crushes. Turns out there were more of MINE there and NONE of his which sucks! Still it was fun to goof around with the wax dummy’s for our own amusement not to mention photo-ops. There was even one set-up where you could ‘Marry’ George Clooney.. I had other ideas!

Grabbin Georgie's crotch

Judy! Wash your pits!

The rest of Madame Tussauds pictures here

On the way out we passed the big Sephora store which is really like a huge candy store for women. I was good though, I just looked and didn’t buy. My shopping dollars were already earmarked for other stuff so despite Tom’s encouragement I resisted the make-up monkey.

After the wax museum we walked over to Caesars and checked out the Forum Shops.

Of course most of those are geared towards the rich, but it’s still fun to walk around and check them out. We had seen adds for a Celine Dion store to our amusement, so we HAD to check it out. Oh my gosh it was all Celine all the time. They don’t allow pictures in the casinos (which is were this store was located) so I had to take a no flash undercover picture (hence it’s lousy quality) as proof this place does in fact exist.IMG_7682

When we went inside we were the ONLY people in there. Poor Celine. Hopefully she does more business when her fans get directed through it after the show as I’m sure they do.

Up here in Canada there aren’t a lot of the cooler chain type restaurants that I love, one being the Outback Steakhouse. We’re simple folk when it comes to food! We decided to go there for our first day in Vegas dinner and we were lucky enough to get there before it was too jammed. I think we waited less than ten minutes.

In fact for the first few days in Vegas things were pretty calm, no real waits for anything.

After dinner we did some more walking around, played a few penny slots and then decided to call it a night and just RELAX in our room. We needed a lot of that and we were really enjoying ourselves!

We took LOTS of pictures between us on this trip. For the set of our Day one picture set on Flickr click here

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