Part 3 (Blue Man day!)

We went back to the Flamingo for breakfast, figuring we would check out the Paris Hotel/Casino area for anything that looked promising for the next day. One of these better the devil you know situations and besides the food was good.

On the way there we passed a greeter for Bally’s dressed up as one of their showgirls. Not sure if she was an actual showgirl or if this was her job but the poor thing was standing in windy central trying to control that humongous feather hat. I was hoping she would be there on the way back to get her to pose with Tom, but it never worked out. He threatened to make me pose with the male equivalent of the showgirl (there never was such a thing) if I made him do it.. (yeah MADE pshhh) so all I got was this shot from a distance. I’m sure she was pushing tickets for the show at Bally’s.

Showgirl dressed greeter at Bally's

We did a walk through of Paris and found a promising restaurant for the next morning’s breakfast then did a walk-about of the outside and decided to check out the Aladdin shops. As we were heading there Tom noticed this young child parked in a stroller with no parents close by. We both looked around trying to figure out who’s kid this was. Other people were noticing it too and commenting while shaking their heads. I decided to hang out near the kid to keep an eye on it, I figured that if anyone came outta nowhere to grab the kid I could at least I dunno, tackle them or something. Eventually we saw the parents come back. They were a couple standing on the corner FAR away from the kid posing for pictures for goodness sake! Small mercy was the parked the kid under a tree for some shade but holy cow, they weren’t even looking to see if their kid was safe. After they came back to the kid they once again set off to pose in front of the fountain!! That stuff drives me nuts!

I finally got a chance to take a picture of one of the “Hot Babes” trucks that passed every few minutes. I saw one the first day, but every time I went to get my camera out it was out of range. This struck me as such a Vegas thing.
Hot Babes

We’d been lucky in that the weather was hovering about a hundred instead of the 114 it had been the week before. The humidity was lower than it had been too so there wasn’t any real muggy feeling to the air, it was quite dry and really not that unbearable. Humidity is my Kryptonite. I was also smart this year and wore walking shoes instead of sandals on the days we did lots of walking. Unlike the previous trip, NO BLISTERS! yay!

Happy to have Panda

We went to Panda Chinese food for dinner that night which was on the way to the theatre (and one of Tom’s fave fast food places) and still had time to kill so we walked over the Wynn hotel/casino which was just being built the last time we were in Vegas. It’s kind of ostentatious but what isn’t in Vegas I guess. Lots of interesting tile work and MAN the music was sure blasting outside near the waterfall area. I’ve heard the rooms are pretty snazzy though but expensive!

The Wynn

Us outside the Wynn

The Blue Man Group show was fantastic as always. They changed it up some, I guess in keeping with their new venue, along with adding “It’s time to Start” Tom’s fave song. We had kind of hoped to see Penn and Teller this time, but they were on vacation that week (darn it!) but we love the Blue Man Group so we had fun.

Wearing our crepe paper at the Blue Man Group showThe mess after the Blue man group show
Blue Man twoBlue hands

Here are the rest of the day 2 shots of our trip on Flickr

We did some more picture taking after the show and then headed back to the casino for a bit more slots then crash in our room another great day and evening in Vegas!

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