Part 4 (A visit to KLAS)

Tom lived in Vegas for years. It’s funny how I never really gave it any thought about people who live and work in destination-type places. I mean I KNOW there must be people that live there, but Vegas seems like the poster child for “Nice place to visit, wouldn’t want to live there” at least for me.

For those that live there though, the touristy areas are places one avoids. From talking to some people in the casinos who live there, they know what days are best to avoid tourists. Wednesdays and Thursdays are best I’m told as that’s the changing of the tourist guard. I would think it’s a love-hate thing though, because without the tourists there would be no Vegas.

Tom did a couple of tours in Vegas, one when younger, bumming around before settling seriously into his education and another working in an advertising company and two TV stations. The one he has the fondest memories of is KLAS. I’ve seen pictures of the folks in his collection and he had pointed out one of the Anchors he knows when I got him started watching CSI (they use her as the Anchor reporting stories on the Vegas CSI now and then). The last couple of times we were in Vegas he didn’t get around to visiting the station, this time I encouraged him to do it.

We got up a bit earlier and had our breakfast at this awesome place in the Paris Hotel that had THE BEST coffee and Tom was super-impressed by the vanilla infused French toast. They put vanilla in the pancakes I had too, mmmmm.

Tom had arranged with one of his old coworkers to visit the station just after lunch when it wouldn’t be too busy. The receptionist with a little prodding (ok he said his name) remembered him. It was funny, everyone who saw him who didn’t know he was coming didn’t recognize him right away. He was a VERY skinny young guy back then (again I’ve seen pictures!) and he’s filled out a bit and matured very nicely! He had fun talking to the Staff that were still around and we did a full tour of the place.

I met Paula Francis and Gary Waddel (Anchors) and they were really sweet and friendly. I didn’t bother them to take any pictures though, I didn’t want to come across as quite that much of a dork.

Tom took a few pictures of the studio and the control room while he was there as well as some outside shots of the station.




After the station visit we hit up a couple more Ross stores for me (heehee!) and I fed my monkey. We also found the liquor store that Tom figured may carry his favourite bourbon and he scored! We are legally allowed to take back a bottle each without taxes and duties (which can be STIFF) so we bought two bottles one for each of us to declare. Tom was a happy happy boy!
Tom got his Evan Williams single barrel Bourbon

We also picked up some wine to drink in our room at days’ end.

After that we fed our tummy’s at the In-N-Out burger. We seriously need to convince the folks who own that chain to not limit it to the few Western Sates it’s in. The burgers there are sooooooo awesome!!

Here are the rest of Day 3 pictures on FLICKR


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