Part 5 (lunch with an old friend, dinner with family)

Thursday was the day we ended up scheduling both a lunch meet-up with Tom’s ex-Girlfriend who was in the TV biz with him back in the day (and who he’d re-established a friendship with via email not quite a year ago) and his Sister and Niece who had been living in Vegas for the Summer to help out a friend. The lunch was at a Mediterranean restaurant and it was really good. It was fun to meet up with someone from Tom’s past. She was very gracious and friendly and very happy that Tom had found someone he was obviously perfect for and vice-vera. I try to understand all the TV stuff but really it’s like my business, unless you are immersed in it you can only understand so much of what it’s like in the ‘trenches’ so it’s always good to be able to yack with someone who totally gets what it’s like. I tend to drift after a while when they get going but I pay attention enough to answer a question if I hear my name (heh).

After lunch we did some more Ross shopping (I hit up the final stores in Vegas, cos really they were all quite ‘picked over’ and I finally finished feeding my monkey after this final store which all of them combined really was the equivalent of one good feeding frenzy at the Bellingham store.

We drove around a bit heading to Henderson where there is a lot of housing development going on. I tried to get a few shots of the Vegas skyline from a distance but my camera has it’s limitations.

Tons of very row-like housing out this way

We then drove out to Boulder City to have a look at what turns out to be the ‘tip’ of Lake Mead. I didn’t realize how big it is, but then again I’ve not really given much thought to it.

Lake Mead

We killed some more time at a Mall until Tom’s Sister called to say she was back in town (she had left to run an errand) and decide where to meet up for dinner. I had been jonesing for Red Lobster, another place they don’t have up our way and we agreed to go there (yay!)

We had a great dinner and it was really nice seeing his Sister and Niece again, the last time was two years ago and in Vegas again as a matter of fact. His Niece has grown up so much it’s hard to believe she’s the same age as Sean who still looks so young. We had a nice dinner and then headed back to Vegas once again for the night.

Hard Rock Cafe at the Hard Rock Hotel, Vegas

It was our last night in Vegas (our REAL last night, not the lie we had been telling all those ‘greeters’ at the casinos trying to give us ‘free show’ tickets) so we decided to blow what was left of our ‘gambling budget’ on the penny slots. My favourite machine let me play for quite a long time on five bucks which really is the fun part. We then headed back to our room to have a nice glass of wine and relax.

Back in the room I was trying to take a nice picture of me kissing Tom’s cheek, he didn’t realize I was trying to do this and was in turn trying to turn around and kiss me on the lips. This picture was the result and it’s our current wallpaper on our computer (hah! still makes me laugh every time I see his expression)

Trying to kiss his cheek, he's trying to turn to kiss me. Ending up looking freaked out!

We had to be out of the hotel by 11:00 am the next morning but our flight out wasn’t until 9:00 pm-ish. The good thing was we had a rental car which meant we could do what we wanted Friday without being stuck in town with suitcases and nowhere to put them for the entire day.

The next day was going to give us the opportunity to explore a bit more of Nevada, at least what wasn’t TOO far away.

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One Response to Part 5 (lunch with an old friend, dinner with family)

  1. Tom says:

    It was weird…over and over again we were confronted by people saying “Hi folks! How long are you in town for?” or “Got plans for tomorrow night yet???” (some were standing on the sidewalks in front of the cheesier casinos, but some were actually inside the classier places, like the Venetian)

    At first we didn’t know any better and said “Until Friday…” at which point they’d give us the full-court press, trying to give us “free” tickets to some horrible comic or lounge singer (my bet is the drinks in those places more than make up for the “losses” they “suffer” by giving away the admission).

    After that we simply said “We’re outta here tomorrow morning” just so they’d go away…

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