Our national lottery Lotto 6/49 hasn’t had a winner in a while. This last estimated jackpot was 42 million. After adding in a percentage for actual tickets purchased for the draw, that in fact would more than likely have hiked the grand total of actual prize money to over 50 million. Now I realize that compared to some of the lotto prizes in the States this could be considered “peanuts” in the world of super jackpots.. BUT in Canada you get the whole shebang at once, no annual payments (or giving up a bunch of money to take a lump sum) and best of all it’s all tax free. Yes TAX FREE cash-ola, no uncle Sam or in our case Uncle Beaver taking a share. That makes it a pretty nice chunk of change thank you very much.

Of course once I checked my tickets I made exactly one dollar more than I spent to purchase them. Psssh! This means I will in fact have to return to work on Monday (double pssh!)

In checking the lotto site, the estimated amount for the next draw is showing TBA. This may mean that in fact there was no big winner(s) and the next draw will be even larger. If this is the case I hold out hope it will be a short work week.

A girl can dream right?

*Edit* There were four winners. Three in Ontario, one in Quebec.


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