Part 6 (Last day in Vegas and the trip HOME)

Our check out time was 11:00 am so no sleeping in Friday morning. We got up with enough time to get ready and shove our last minute items into our cases (we had packed the bulk the night before). Bagzilla now felt like he weighed a lot more than he should with my new purchases and the extra clothes from Tom that I took in so he had room for his bourbon. Seriously, that bag is BIG!

The plan was to check out, put the bags in the car and then head back into Paris to have breakfast at the place we had enjoyed, play our last dollar voucher at Bally’s and then take off to do some exploring around the outskirts of Vegas.

Us in the car park that overlooks the Bally’s pool and the Monorail station

Well, that was the plan. We got the bags to the car alright but turns out that the changing of the guard on Thursday brought in a mess more tourists, we literally must have hit a slow week or something because there were really NO lines anywhere but it was a different story now. There was a pretty big line-up at the restaurant so we figured we would just get out of the strip area and find a local IHOP or something instead which turned out to be a great idea. The lady at the front desk of the IHOP we found was apologizing over us having to wait like three minutes for a table. Man, that’s a dream wait here!

After breakfast (well more like brunch) we drove out to Red Rock to have a look around. We decided to give a pass to the scenic drive as they were now charging for it but drove out to the public areas and wow is it pretty out there! We even got to see some wild Burros which were SO cute!

Red Rock
Red Rock
Burros in Red Rock

We still had tons of time to kill so we stopped at a book store in a nearby strip mall and then decided to head back to town and do the motion movie/ride at the Luxor which was fun.

We decided our last dinner in Vegas would once again be at In-N-Out so we could get our last fix, did a bit more driving around and then headed for the airport to return the rental car. We ALMOST drove across those one way spikes before Tom remembered to go get gas for the car (so we didn’t have to pay the HUGE per gallon charge for them to do it) phew! We turned around and hit up a gas station and then returned to the airport (which in fact killed a little bit more time because we were still early).

When we got to the terminal we used the check-in terminals and saw we weren’t even sitting together ack! We went up to the desk and talked to the lady there and she checked the computer, saw the flight was full but they had the exit rows unaccounted for and asked if we were ok to sit there. Oh yeah baby! More leg room!! So we were all for it. Some people don’t want that responsibility, but whatever. In the off-chance there is a crash and if the plane is in one piece (which I think truly would be a miracle) I will help others get out and make them leave their luggage behind for the extra leg room and to sit together, oh yeah! Turns out also Bagzilla was a touch over 50lbs but they let it go (with HEAVY stickers all over it) which was nice of them.

She then said the bad news was the flight is delayed to 11:15 (eek!) Tom had thought our flight was at 9:00pm, landing us in Seattle at 12:15 and he had the arrival time right. Turns out though it was a 9:49 pm departure with an hour and a half delay. This meant with the drive from Seattle home we would be home at around 4:30 in the morning. We considered for a few minutes staying in a hotel in Seattle, but really we would only get a few hours sleep before we had to get out anyway, so we may as well press on.

Everyone at the airport was fairly patient with the delay, a few grumbles (mine included) but you have to deal right? They finally let us know what the problem was, they had a mechanical problem which meant they had to switch out the plane and get a new crew which they had to pick up in Salt Lake City. When they announced our plane was arriving the gate area burst into tired applause.

We were really grateful to finally get on the plane and start heading home. The flight was fine, Tom grabbed a nap and slept most of the way. I was too keyed up now with a second wind to sleep so I read the whole way there. Our luggage arrived in one piece and we quickly grabbed it and headed out to call for our shuttle. We had to wait another 15 minutes or so for it to arrive and we gladly got into Tom’s car and headed for the Interstate towards home.

The initial plan was to grab some coffee at some point along the way but we just decided to keep on pushing it towards home unless we REALLY needed it. We found a good station that played a lot of oldies stuff which we could sing along to to keep ourselves awake (especially Tom being the driver) and really he did well. I hate driving at night so I was glad it was him!

After a while we really started to get goofy which became even more apparent when the Stones song “You can’t always get what you want” came on the radio. You know the beginning where there is a boys choir singing the first bars of the song? Well I was singing alone making up words about how young they sound and I get the the second to last line and sing “Our testicles haven’t even dropped yet….” (cos they sound so high) and Tom burst out with “and we don’t even have PUUUUUUBBBEESSS” for the very last line the boys choir sings and we just LOST IT laughing. I mean laughing until you cry. HARD. I have NO idea how Tom hit that note first of all, because he has a REALLY low voice, but OMG I honestly was sobbing with laughter. It still makes me laugh when I think about it. I know, seriously though it was FUNNY!! Guess you had to be there, and be tired.

We got the border and the guy asked us what we had to bring back and how long we were away. I had done all the math the night before and spoke my piece and he waved us through. OH YEAH we were so close to home and BED!!! Another 15 minutes or so and we got to our condo, left our stuff in bags, quickly got ready for bed and then just CRASHED! We slept right through until noon no problem.

We had to get up to pick up the Boy after work, get my Mom her groceries and then spring the cats out of jail before we could just relax the rest of the day. Sean had arrived earlier when his Father dropped him off on the way to work. The cats were SO happy to get home they howled the whole way home (of course) and then stuck to us like glue for days.

Last day photos here on Flickr

I love going on vacation but it’s sure nice to get home afterwards.

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