Its curtains for us

We’ve lived in this condo OVER two years now and still have the barest of bare windows. I mean we have blinds, but they are kind of sterile and institutional really.

It’s kind of a pet peeve of mine that I’ve never been able to find what I wanted to put up there. Now we are starting to get into the mind-set of selling this puppy it’s become glaringly apparent I would have to settle for something to make this place more homey for staging.

Totally spanking clean We ended up finding some ‘faux suede’ tabbed curtain panels, not exactly what I was looking for but whatever, maybe the people will want to keep them when we move (or they can be used in the rec-room or something in our house). They have a kind of cheesy odor from the fabric dye that I’m hoping will air out soon or not transfer to everything else we own.

Now the fun part, trying to find the right rods and finials. Tom’s right, they don’t have to be something we love they aren’t permanent but tell that to me when I’m shopping. This is the reason we haven’t had curtains until now. I’m never happy. It’s a good thing we found furniture that we both loved right away, or knowing me we would still be sitting on the floor.

I found some contenders today at the Home Depot but I don’t have the measurements and I don’t want to ‘eyeball’ like I normally do (ask Tom about the near disaster TV buying incident of 2001) so I’m going to get Mr. Measurement to double check and see that they would work for us.

I didn’t get around to painting the bathrooms either, I’ve been too freaking lazy enjoying the last few days of my vacation instead. I will pay for that later when I’m back at work, all stressed out and having to do it on weekends.

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2 Responses to Its curtains for us

  1. Tom says:

    Correction: YOU’D still be sitting on the floor…*I’D* be sitting on an inflateable pink Hello Kitty™ chair if need be! LOL

  2. americanuck says:

    Snap! Now I know what to get you for Christmas!

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