You know you’re getting old when you start to listen to a lot of ‘news radio’

In all fairness I also listen to a lot of music, for the most part stuff that makes Tom’s ears want to dry up and drop off and really make me uncool in the eyes of my boys who think my taste for ‘dance crap’ and other weird music is laughable. But then, there is also the music that I have in common with the kids which tempers their disdain somewhat when they realize that I have maybe an ounce or two of taste, maybe.

For instance I had an mp3 of ‘Word Up’ by Korn which Chris heard and asked me for it to put on his CD/mp3 player. I hated to tell him it’s a remake of an old Cameo song and the rest of Korn’s stuff makes my ears bleed. Oh yes, and Chris though he discovered Metallica. I did like them once, many many years ago. But I got over it.

I like to think of my music taste as eclectic. It ranges from oldies and I’m talking oldie oldies like big band, swing and the crooners of the day like Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole. Even the younger crooner types like Michael Buble and Harry Connick jr. I like the ‘odd’ country singer, or sometimes just a song. I love some of those old 50’s songs, like from the Platters and I’m a huge Motown fan. Because I grew up in the 80’s I like a whole lot of that stuff minus Culture Club, oh yeah and minus most ‘hair bands’ especially Bon Jovi (see picture of me hating on his wax image) sans big 80’s hair-do mind you…
I HATE BON JOVI!!! So Tom requested this pose

I also love me some AC/DC, Ozzy, Nine Inch Nails, White Zombie, you know classic rock (cough) also which Chris and Sean pilfer from (Sean hasn’t begun to appreciate Rob Zombie or NIN yet though) and I’m ashamed to admit I did go through a boy band phase late in life, but just over the music not the members. If I can defend myself at all, I love a good harmony. (Yeah I know Tom, stop pointing and laughing!)

The stuff from today, hmm let me open up my recent downloads section of this-here computer and have a look-see. There’s Jet, Snow Patrol, The Killers, Kelly Clarkson (shut up she’s good!), Outkast, Eminem, Hot Hot Heat , Black eyed peas (dance crap according to Sean) etc, etc. Oh yeah and some Madonna. She kind of extended from the 80’s on through to now. Love her dance crap.

Where was I? Oh yeah, news radio. It’s the traffic reports, and that droning repeated-ness of news that just somehow relaxes me on the way to/from work. I listen actively to the first go round, and any time I hear the toot-e-ly sound that indicate a traffic update, but after the first go round, the repeated news just lulls me into a pre or post work numb that I’ve come to love.

In fact, the traffic report today told me to take another route home because there was a car flipped in the intersection not quite halfway home and I took another route. Because I took this route I got stuck in another traffic jam of all the other people listening to the traffic reports and taking said same route. But it was all good. At one intersection I saw a bunch of teenagers crossing the street riding their bikes goofing around and one of them isn’t paying attention and did a slow motion America’s funniest home videos-like smack into a lamp-post. Ok, I’m not cruel, the kid wasn’t hurt but damn it was funny. His friends though so too.

See, without news radio I would have missed that.

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