Eye popping

A few months back I bought a new pair of Dolce and Gabbana frames which I think make me look slightly less dorky than I normally look in glasses. Which really isn’t saying much.

The process of choosing frames is AGONIZING for all concerned; me, the poor clerk in the store who literally hands me dozens of frames for me to put on/make face at/whip off in horror/discard and my poor family if they are brave enough to come with me.

Anyway, I found this pair and all was going well until my glasses and I had a falling out, literally.

I was at work sitting at my desk talking to a colleague on the phone when all of a sudden my world seemed to go off-kilter. I was looking at my computer screen and I just couldn’t focus. I had a fleeting momentary thought of “oh my god I’m having a stroke or something” when I looked down and saw one of my lenses laying on my desk.
“What the hell?” I shouted into the phone “Oh no not you….uhh sorry” and then started laughing hysterically. The person I was talking to thought I had completely lost it and I tried to explain, gave up and just said “never mind”.

It happened again on the plane to Vegas so I took them back. They’ve tried ordering new lenses to see if that will work (I pick them up tomorrow, crossing fingers) and if not it may be ‘a bad frame design’ and they will ask me to pick out different frames. Greaaaat! Not a problem! She says that now, just wait to see how her tune changes if she’s the poor soul that has to help me through that process.

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