Oh yes it’s finally Friday!!

Sean is officially a free man, well free of his palatial expander as of this week. His Ortho office is so good to him, they just love him. They knew he’s been without anything sticky or hard and crunchy in the way of candy for the last six months, so for a treat they gave him gift bag of candy and of course a toothbrush.

He’s got another couple of weeks before his wisdom’s come out along with a couple of other teeth and then another month after that until they do the moulds for the braces and finally put them on. Poor kid has canker sores from his teeth and his Ortho said he will probably continue to get them from his braces, but at least he’s on the road nice straight teeth so it’s not forever.

I got my glasses back from the Optician’s but there seems to now be a small space between the top of the glass and the frame, enough to slip a piece of paper through, I know who would do that? Well I did! Plus the frames creak on that side. Gah! I’m going to have to call them back and complain yet again. I’m almost ready to give up on these frames. I guess I can put up with the gap as long as the glass doesn’t fall out. Not like it’s visible to anyone looking at me, you have to hold it up to the light to see it but *I* know it’s there and trust me I obsess over things.
Tom had today off and has tomorrow off too yay! That means we actually get to see each other for a whole day (which seems like a reasonable thing to ask when you’re married right?) It happens rarely though so we’re going to enjoy it. We’re going to go out for breakfast AND dinner tomorrow and spoil ourselves.

Work has been crazy busy, heading into some heavy testing in some of my projects, several of them release on the same day which means I’m going to be pretty busy up until late October. I still have 13 vacation days to book and not sure when I’m going to be able to fit them in. I’m thinking maybe one week leading up to Christmas, but that still leaves me 8 days… ah well I’m sure I will find some time in November for anther week and a day here and there to round it up until then.

Tonight we are planning on doing movie night, or rather DVD night and have some drinks and relax. Oh yeah and no kids so we get to be as loud as we want (heh).

Ahhhh I love weekends =)

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