Think pink

Since maturing (and I use that phrase very loosely) I’ve developed a love for pink. I have lots of pink T-shirts and sweaters in various hues. I bought a pink suitcase (bagzilla) which in hindsight wasn’t really the smartest thing because duh pink shows dirt. Bagzilla was fully pink all of one day, alas.

I think maybe it has something to do with the fact that I spent a number of my adolescent years hanging out with boys and wearing black everything, down to my underwear (“my life is a dark room, one big dark room”). So when I started embracing the feminine my mother had a picture burning party and celebrated having a girl once again

You would think after living in an apartment for years with pepto-bismol pukey pink walls.. tommy

(not of my doing by the way it was a rental), that I would abhor the colour but I don’t. I do know that pink does not belong on walls, at least in my world (and yes I know your’s too Hon).

I also love love love stainless steel so when Tom and I were cozied up on the couch this weekend going through the weekend local rag’s flyers I came across pink kitchen utensils, no wait, not just pink, but pink AND stainless steel! It’s like they friggin made them for me. I sat bolt upright and squealed.

So I stopped and bought them today.

PINK!! yes I have issues...

Yeah ok they are REALLY tacky but most of it is hidden in the drawers…

The best part is even if most of the set of 30 pieces of kitchen crap is exactly that (crap) there is still some really useful stuff in there (measuring spoons and cups, ladles etc) that the rest can break and I won’t care. Some of my kitchen stuff is over 20 years old it was time..

Seriously though, all three pieces cost me just about $30.00 in total so pshhh..whatever, if I hate them in a few months (or more likely they start breaking) it’s not like I spent a bunch of money.

And they are pink!

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2 Responses to Think pink

  1. tere says:

    THose pink utensils…OMG i have been hunting everywhere for them for my daughter!!! where did you find them and noooo they are not tacky. We bought pink pots, pink appliances at JCPenney, pink bowls, I am making her pink curtains lined with black and white polka dots for her dorm
    She would scream if I got her those utensils

  2. americanuck says:

    Ahh a fellow pink lover huh? The bad news is I bought them up in Canada at the Real Canadian Superstore (was in this weeks flyer so I’m thinking it was a special purchase) You would think it would be easier to find pink stuff because even Kitchenaid has a pink mixer now!

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