Life in plastic, it’s fantastic

I stopped by the local grocery store on my way home tonight to pick up a few odds and ends and something to hold us over dinner-wise for the next couple of days.

The cashier while bagging my purchases noticed she had run out of bags and went to another check stand to pick up some more. As she was putting the bags on the dispensing rack she sighed and while motioning at the bags commented on how lousy and tissue paper thin they are. I agreed and we both reminisced about the days of paper bags, or in my case the question of paper or plastic from the cashier. She remembers when it was all paper all the time.

She said how “All this plastic is so bad for the environment, and I said “yeah, but they DO make great kitty litter disposal bags” and she said “sure if there aren’t any holes in them..” Good point. Been there cleaned up that.

I went on to joke how maybe it’s a conspiracy by those hidden camera shows to set you up for the bags to burst the minute you leave the store. The more poky or awkward shaped the item the better TV. She said I watched too much TV. Touche.

It’s true though, I mean the handles are convenient and all, but when you are chasing a large plastic pop bottle doing mach3 rolling down a sloped parking lot embankment the convenience loses some of its luster.

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