Thursday is the new Friday

Tom, Sean and I are off for a day of fun down in the States tomorrow (Chris is working, not that he hangs with us that often [brat!!] ) which means an early night for a Friday (well OUR Friday, we’re off work tomorrow [neener] and an early rise to join the possible throng of other smart people who booked the Friday before a long weekend off in order to head down to the good old U.S. of A.

Most people don’t tend to go down for just the day as much so maybe coming back we won’t have as big a line to deal with. Regardless leaving earlier will mean more time down there once we get there so it’s all good.

The plan is to hit Ross (well DUH!) and other clothing stores to see if they have a better selection of jeans to fit skinny boys down there. Sean is growing like a weed now, but it’s all UP not out so we’re challenged to find jeans to fit his weedy self. I’m hoping. Of course unless we find jeans that drag on the ground they are no doubt going to be too short in a few months but whatever, that just means we have to go back, darn!

The weather is supposed to be awesome, in the mid-80’s so we can also do some walking around to work up an appetite for Anthony’s. Come on, you seriously expect us to go to B’ham without going there? Impossible I tells ya.

I’ve reminded Tom to ensure his camera batteries have been charged, Sean too, so I’m not the only dweeb taking pictures all day. Sean is as bad as me for clicking away, so between us we can goad Tom into taking more than just a handful of pictures. Maybe.

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