B’ham Sept 1 2006

We had a great day yesterday! The line-up was not that bad, maybe 20 minutes or so. The border guys kept things flowing along nicely.

We were starving so we hit the IHOP first and had a nice relaxing breakfast then did our shopping thing. Ross only yielded a few gems, but I did pretty well while in Vegas so I can’t really complain too much. Tom managed to find a couple of really nice warm sweatshirts for the coming fall/winter too.

We hit the mall to look for jeans for Sean and found that a waist of 29 (the smallest in the man-pants area) with a length of 32 was ideal (with the help of a belt) but we only found one stinking pair down there. We’re going to go out today and see if we can find any more now we know what size to get.

After shopping we drove to Fairhaven and did some walking around there, then back to Bellingham to walk the waterfront and take some photos before having our Dinner at Anthony’s.

Bellingham No entry!

Tom and Sean both had Halibut and I tried something different, a crab fettuccine which was really good.

We picked up some of the must-haves that we can’t get up here (coffee additive, American Oreos etc for Tom, candies for the boys) and then headed back to Canada. Heading back we listened for traffic updates and it turned out the wait time was less than ten minutes heading home (not so lucky were those just heading to the states) which was awesome! We were waived on through again with our purchases which means we saved even more money (the total value was low the guy sounded surprised that the total was for all of us).

Fabulous weather, good company, good times!

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