Back to school

Well the long weekend is coming to a close and the start of a new school year is nigh. We found out today from one of his friends that Sean was supposed to have received his course list and schedule in the mail last week and so far, nadda. The poor kid is a bit worried about what to do tomorrow so I told him to go to the office and explain the situation.

Not receiving mail for long periods is nothing new; our mailman has supposedly had issues getting in our building in the past (Canada Post claimed it was he was ‘locked out’) but pfftt whatever, the regular guy probably went on vacation and they didn’t have anyone cover his route. I reported the last incident because I was concerned about mail theft, we never go more than a day or so without at least junk and we had no mail for five days in a row.

We managed to find Sean four pairs of jeans (yay!) and a bunch of t-shirts, new gym shorts and a new pair of runners so clothes-wise he’s set for, a while anyway. The jeans are all a 32 in length (men’s waist size 28/29 so a belt is involved for sure). They are long but not that long. I wonder how long before he outgrows them?

He’s a size friggin’ 10 mens shoe now. He’s officially beat his brother in shoe size. Sean has always had huge feet even since he was a baby. Even though he’s always been on the shorter size I always figured he would be like a puppy and grow into his feet.

Man, my last baby is starting Grade 9. I’m feeling old!

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