Win one for the zipper

So yesterday, after keeping me waiting 25 minutes sitting in his work parking lot in the blazing hot sun, Chris comes slowly strolling out the door chugging on a just purchased soda.

He opens the door and gets in the passenger seat and I just look at him. “Wha?” he says

Me: “Um, what took you so long?”

Chris: “I had to check my schedule.”

WTF? How can checking a schedule take 25 MINUTES?

I’m sure he had to finish with a customer, ok I will give him that. Then walk over to punch out and grab his stuff sure, understandable but he also bought a drink AND walked out to the car like he had all the time in the world. Oh yeah, he does it was ME waiting. Urgh.

After standard parental lecture about being considerate of my time and the fact I had just spent a stressful day at work and had better things to do that sitting in my car blah blah..I asked how his day went like a good Mommy.

Chris: “Oh man it was rough, I broke my work pants!”

Me: “Broke your pants?”

Chris: “Yeah the zipper thing broke, I can still pull them up though, oh yeah and the button came off again.”

I told him it’s about time he splashed out and bought himself a couple of new pairs of work pants and to do it tomorrow because he had the day off (which is today, duh).

Chris: “Yeah ok whatever.”

24 hours later I call home and ask “Did you buy new pants?”

Chris: “Huh?”

Me: “Did you buy new pants? You said you ‘broke’ your work pants”

Chris: “Oh, well they still work…”

Amazing isn’t it, how when it comes to spending THEIR day off and their money, buying new pants doesn’t seem all that appealing.

I’m thinking he will be spray painting his butt black if he blows the ass out of those pants.

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