I got out of a warm bed for this?

I awoke this morning (good-morning headache welcome to day four) to find Chris pacing around the living-room. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that he hadn’t had any sleep all night. He was worried because he’d heard that it could be fatal if you are awake more than 36 hours.

I told him first of all it was less than 24 hours since he had last been asleep and second of all if more than 36 hours without sleep were truly fatal, I would have been long dead because when he was a baby he and working full time kept me up without sleep longer than three days in a row thank you very much. I survived, punchy but alive.

Then I asked what time he had gone to bed last night. He said around 2:00 am. Um, and you needed to be up at 5:00 am to get ready to go to work? Good plan Stan. No freaking wonder, that and all the coffee he’s been drinking doesn’t exactly add up to heathly sleeping patterns.

So I ended up having to amp up my morning routine, drive out of my way and take him to work as he was hyped up on coffee and punchy from lack of sleep. I’m too nice. (I called over to his Father’s he went there after work, He’s asleep now)
After dropping him off and doubling back I’m almost at the station when a train crosses the street, twice. It goes, then stops, then switches and goes back the way it came. UGH. This is a real choo-choo, not the elevated commuter train I take. The crossing is uncontrolled just has those annoying flashing lights and is a death trap in my opinion.

I finally get to the commuter train station and noticed that the platform was packed full of people. These trains run something like every 2.5 minutes usually, so that’s a bad sign. Sure enough there is some kind of door problem in one of the trains and the trains are all heading east up the track and are backing up there. After something like ten minutes the first train arrives and it’s packed solid. Two more go by before I can get on. I stand the whole way in.

I get to work and seriously nothing went right. I didn’t get what I needed to get what I needed to get done and with my head I felt so, so, so, bad that it was hard to even think straight. Linda tells me if I need to, to leave to go home but I really needed to stay to keep on things dispite everything.

Noon rolls around and I take a walk to a local food court to grab a sandwich, by this time feeling drained and somewhat hysterical (not like me typically.)

On the way I see this rather tall man walking this miniature dachshund puppy and it’s looking up at him every few seconds, head bobbing up and down with ears flapping. Its little nails tapping quickly on the sidewalk trying desperately to sniff things on the way AND keep up with its master and in my current state, it struck me as so funny. I started first to smile and then to laugh. Out loud.

It’s terribly hard to be laughing walking down the street when you’re completely alone without looking completely crazy. I try to control it choking down giggles and as I get inside the mall I can feel it bubbling up again and I’m smiling BROADLY. By now people are really giving me weird looks so I’m biting my lip, cheek, ANYTHING to stop. I finally got it under control by the time I got to the sandwich place.

I decide to buy a Tim Horton’s coffee and took it and my sandwich back to my office to continue working. As I take a sip I didn’t notice that one small part of the lid isn’t on right and coffee streams between it and the cup and pours all over my shirt. More hysteria.

A while later one of my co-workers comes by to talk to me and as I’m listening to her I go to grab a piece of paper to write something down and I knock over my water bottle. The lid pops off and water pours all over the tip of my desk and the floor. Even more hysteria.

By the end of the day I had laugh/cried off any remaining mascara.

Needless to say with the luck I had today I was extra careful driving home tonight, obviously I made it.

Later tonight you will find me swimming around the bottom of my wine bottle.

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2 Responses to I got out of a warm bed for this?

  1. Tom says:

    Poooooor Hon!!!!!!! And here I’m stuck at work and can’t go “swimming” with you until I get home at 1am!

    BTW next time you find yourself uncontrollably laughing, try grabbing your cel phone and pretend the person you’re talking to put you in hysterics (just hope the thing doesn’t ring while you’re doing that!).

    I suppose you could also put your hand over your ear and act like you’re talking into a blue-tooth thingie…

  2. americanuck says:

    I’m just about to start my dive in fact! Funny you should say that someone else said the exact same thing (to use the cell phone) thing is, it would only work on those that hadn’t already seen me laughing and really, at that point it would have been a small number of people. I spread my mirth around!

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