*If you get them removed do you lose your wisdom?

Tomorrow is another big step along the way for Sean, the wisdom teeth come out. He’s pretty young for that being only 14, but it’s a necessary evil to remove them (along with a couple of other extra teeth) to make room for those big choppers and for the jaw surgery that will be coming in about a year.

I have to say he’s been nothing but a trouper so far and if he’s anything like me or his brother he should recover pretty quickly (we’re viking stock). He’s more bummed about the fact he can’t eat anything crunchy.

Needless today he’s going to be stuffing himself silly with every snack-food under the sun (or at least in our cupboards) and tonight, in honour of ‘solid food night’ Tom suggested Pizza. When I called out to tell him, I heard a distant ‘yay’ so I take it he approves.

I’ve taken a vacation day to accompany and look after him, while Tom has sweetly volunteered to be our chauffeur before he works his late shift (which means two trips to Vancouver for him from our ‘burb so it’s very sweet) in case Sean ends up feeling nauseated and I don’t know that I can drive well AND help a sick kid.

The whole business is supposed to take an hour including ‘recovery’ time so barring any traffic hicuups we should be back home before 10:00 am.

On another note, it’s been another crazy week for me so thinking it’s another lap ’round the wine bottle this weekend.

*Title courtesy of a question Chris asked me when he was young (and I was getting my wisdom teeth removed.)

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