Holes in his head

Sean did really well today, apart from a touch of nausea after he ate some eggs. It wasn’t my cooking if you can believe it or not, it truly was the sedation/pill cocktail ;)
The doctor was quick and as painless as possible. Sean has stitches in the gums where his lower wisdom’s were and the other sockets are just left alone. He got the teeth to take home and lord knows where they will end up. Tom figures down the couch or something..he’s got a good point, I stab myself regularly by something that has found it’s way partially down the couch cushions.

It took feeling sick to convince Sean to rest though. He said he ‘wasn’t sleepy’ therefore resting was out of the question. When he finally yakked he laid down and slept for something like five hours. Now he feels tons better. Lesson learned, listen to Mamma.

Poor little dumpling.

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