Scary movie?

Sean and I watched ‘What lies beneath’ tonight. It took a while to convince Sean that he would like the movie and NOT be too freaked out. I LOVE that movie and all it’s ‘Hitchcockian’ homages. I know it got kind of mixed reviews but eh, like that’s ever stopped me from liking a movie. I love a good thriller but I hate gore and even though I tried to get that through to Sean he was really reluctant to watch the movie and started watching it with a pillow at the ready. After a while the pillow was forgotten and he got caught up in the story.

I noticed something I hadn’t before tonight, a face in the snow in the cemetery scene at the very end of the film. I had to pause and rewind to look at it again to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. It goes to show that often times you miss something the first time you watch a movie and it’s worth visiting them again. Sometimes it’s from laughing hysterically like when I watched ‘There’s something about Mary’ or ‘The 40 year old virgin’ in the theatre, but often it’s just there is so much going on, you tend to focus on the obvious and miss the nuances. Very cool.

Sean just walked in and said the next movie he would like to see is ‘Carrie’. Wow. Progress.

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