Laugh and the whole world laughs with you

I have an extremely low giggle threshold. I can be sent over the edge by the smallest of gestures, expressions or words and usually at an entirely inappropriate time.

Once or twice at meetings, discussing serious topics mind you. The people didn’t say anything that was actually funny it was just the way they said it that tickled me. Once I start I’m gone. I mean GONE. I will laugh so hard I cry. The more people who look at me with (pick one) amusement, disdain, puzzlement, exasperation the worse I get. I’m full on tears pouring, hands waving in front of my eyes like Miss America and mashing my lips together to try and stifle. People, sometimes I have to leave the room!

Now what can make it worse is that Tom has a way to make me laugh like no other. Sometimes it’s him being intentionally funny (he’s very quick witted), sometimes it’s just him being well, a dork (said in the most loving way <grin>). We have a connection that I can’t explain. It’s like some kind of mind-meld and we’re usually travelling along the same mental path. Just one look and it can set us both off. Generally we try to avoid eye contact when something or someone does something to amuse us and yanno, we don’t want to let them know.

For instance when we went to pick up Tom’s wedding ring the lady was checking the fit of the ring, in order to do this she slips the ring on his finger and then proceeds to slide it up and down his finger over and over. I’m watching this and started to chuckle but tried to mask it with a cough. Tom did everything he could NOT to look at me. After we left we burst out laughing.

Last night just before bed we were channel surfing and ended up landing on Overhaulin (I LOVE old cars) and we caught the end of an episode where they had fixed up an old Corvette (made it a midnight blue rag-top mmmmmmmm). They had just done the reveal and were bringing out the ‘accomplices’ which were the wife and father of the dude. First they bring out the wife and then they start to intro the Dad and Tom pipes up something like “Your pervy uncle Lou”. I don’t remember the exact name he used but the guy kinda had a pervoid like face. He said this just as I was blowing a rather large bubble. I started laughing (into the bubble) and the bubble got bigger and then started to deflate I was trying to avoid it from getting stuck in/on anything, as well as inhaling while laughing too hard so I wouldn’t choke. The more I laughed (and I’m sure looked stupid) the more Tom laughed, and so on. I know, I know, one of those moments where you had to be there.

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