Field trip

Field trip day today. As my wonderful Hubby and I won’t be seeing much of each other for the next few days ( being on opposite shifts), I figure I will go-with and hang at the station for the evening. I wasn’t sure I would be up for doing anything more than vegging on the couch after the last few weeks I’ve had, but I think my blood pressure is back to normal so I’m there.

It’s been a while since I’ve been there and really for me it’s not exactly like going to work (unlike Tom where it is um, work) . I sit and read, watch what is going on and find other ways to amuse myself. A big boofy chair would be awesome but I guess that’s asking too much eh?

I enjoy the fact we get a chance to spend more time together on my day off even if it’s at work like on the ride in/home and of course on the lunch break so it’s worth it to ‘sacrifice’ my Saturdays of ass+couch+dvd+glass of wine once in a while. It would be awesome if our shifts were more along the says schedule or at least the same days off, but what are ya gonna do? The weather is supposed to be awesome though I much prefer downtown Vancouver when it’s sunny/dry rather than raining.

The Boys are over at their Father’s and Chris has the day off so no worries about whether or not he has a ride home from work today. I don’t like being stuck downtown if there is any way he will be stuck walking home after dark (no way no how).

Hummmm lessee…. oooh Lotto 6/49 is up to nine mill today. I’ve started playing  the same set numbers and signed up through ‘play now’ to auto buy and notify me if I win, much easier than the old fashioned way. My numbers have never won (all together) in the history of the lotto, not sure if that is bad or good but I prefer to take the good option. We could scrape by on nine mill I think.

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