Border back up

Oh my gosh, this would be a bad day to have been down in Bellingham. Supposedly US homeland security issued a warning to the RCMP that a suspected murderer from California was heading for the Canadian Border on a motorcycle. The Canadian border guards walked off the job (which they can do when they feel their safety is at risk). To compound the problem, there was some kind of motorcycle rally down in Washington so trying to find the RIGHT guy is going to be difficult.

Management has taken over screening people heading to Canada which means the lineups towards the border are crazy. This has been going on since early this afternoon. Some people have already been waiting HOURS.
It’s nutzo because the Canadian Border guards haven’t been allowed to have guns, I mean how dumb is that? I know they are changing that, but obviously not fast enough! From what I understand it could take years. I can imagine it will happen again a few more times before they finally get the guards trained and armed. What is crazy is we have armed TRANSIT police riding skytrain, wouldn’t the border be something you would want to address first??

I’m always afraid that something like this could happen when we’re down there. Man I feel sorry for the people in those lineups! I think this would be one of those times it would make sense to turn around and grab a hotel room for the night, but gosh if they have kids to get home to I can only imagine the stress.

While watching the news I grabbed these screen caps from some awesome shots from CTV chopper 9.



I enjoyed my visit to the station and took some pictures of Tom working as well as a shot (from a distance back in the mind you) of Mike Killeen who was anchoring the late news last night.

Tom at work in Graphics

The Anchor way wayyyy in the distance

I met the new weekend weatherman Marke Dreisschen while I was there who was super nice.

Oh and  Mike brought in his mini dashy and they had him on the desk during a couple of segments last night. Now I’m all conflicted again on what kind of doggy I want. The dashy was so cute!! Eh, I guess one step at a time, we need a house first.

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2 Responses to Border back up

  1. Tom says:

    I’ve learned my lesson from living in LA all those years…always, always, ALWAYS hit the restroom before hitting the road, even if it’s a short trip!

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