Ring a ding ding

It was our condo association’s annual (or semi-annual?) fire alarm/smoke detector test day today. This entails a contractor to come into your suite between 5-8 pm to wave a gas flame below the heat detector by the door then turn the stick around and push on the test button on the smoke detector. This means however that short piercing alarms are going off ALL EVENING as they go door to door. Not exactly conducive to a relaxy post work night.

To make it even better one of the big ass red bells is right outside our door.


One thing about me, normally I’m as jumpy as a cat but factoring in never knowing when they are going to go off next I’m a basket case.

Hardwired into the building alarms is a thing on the wall that sends out a piercing noise into each suite (on top of the bells). After the dude left our suite I covered it up with a rubber jar opener and painters tape temporarily to save me and the cats from a nervous breakdown.

Speaking of cats, Nutmeg has gone deep undercover. He buried himself under the desk in the boys room (brave soul) I guess being in a room full of boy stink is more appealing that the loud noises.

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