Fine swine, wish it were mine…

I like to think I’m not one of those people, you know the kind. The ones that write companies to complain about stuff constantly. Generally I go through life expecting so-so and being blown away by the wow. Sad but true. Sometimes though something will push me, usually when the wow starts sliding to the so-so. When it’s something I really like and I’m afraid it will become something I hate. That and people who rip me off, but that’s another story.

Generally at least one of the weekend days I do a home cooked breakfast. I’m no Martha or anything, it’s edible, barely. What helps though is that I’d found some really tastey bacon, Maple Leaf Maple flavoured bacon. The smell when it’s cooking is so yummy (the stink after eating is still old bacon grease, psshhh they need to work on that) and it doesn’t act like a shrinky-dink and disappear on you like some other bacon.

My beef (pork?) with them though is you generally have to dig through a bunch of packages to find the ones cut well. We always joke that there is a Mr/Ms perfectionist working there cutting bacon, and Mr/Ms slack-ass. Sometimes you are lucky enough to find the product of wonder-cutter and, unfortunately, sometimes you’re stuck with the guy that needs remedial butchering school.

Lately though I’ve found that wonder-cutter seems to have either A.) moved on to another company or B.) perhaps lost their fingers in a nasty jealous bacon-cutter attack by old remedial. Every single time lately, I’ve gone to the Safeway there has been sloppy, wide, thick slices that range from tolerable to plain yuck.

Sooooo, yeah I wrote the company. Or rather I emailed them. I told them that I really liked their products and have been enjoying them for a long time but lately eh, not up to snuff. I told them they could take or leave my comments but it would really be super super nice if they looked into it, if not for me, for the CHILDREN! (Ok I didn’t really say that part) Basically just feedback. I wasn’t looking for a response, frankly I had to vent right after cooking Sunday morning (how sad is that?)

Today in the mail I found a letter from the company. Sure it’s a form letter and yeah they say what the consumer wants to hear, the usual company rah rah and immediate action will take place, you know the drill. Yes dear Maple Leaf Foods, you still have my business, at least for now, but you’re on notice!!

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Yanno, I don’t live in fantasy land or anything, but maybe, just maybe they will find a way to sew on wonder-cutters fingers and get him back on the line cutting my bacon.

PS: they gave me $10.00 worth of coupons! Chaching! Bacon for everyone!

maple leaf letter

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