Date night

Last night Tom and I had dinner at the Olive Garden (shhh don’t tell Sean!!) as a kind of ‘date night’. We don’t get to spend a lot of time together so most of the time we’re home relaxing, but it’s nice ever so often to go out and let someone else to the fixin’ and cleanin’ yanno?


I was pretty disappointed that the OG decided to get rid of MY FAVOURITE PASTA!! Dammit why why why? Maybe crab shrimp seafood pasta wasn’t popular or something? When I whined asked about it, the waitress said “oh yeah they do that every so often, something comes off, another thing goes on”. Sure by why MINE? psshhh


I ended up ordering a seafood fettuccine which was good but not AS good as my fave (sigh). Tom had the stuffed chicken Marsala which as you see he gave a big thumbs up.


Man though, they sure feed ya lots and you always try to fit as much in before you give up. We both went into a post gorging zombie state!



We were also going to hit up some stores after but it took a bit longer to get seated and then longer still for the serving, receiving of the bill portion of the evening. We stopped by one store and pretty much had 15 minutes to cruise for a few things before the ‘we will be closing the store’ announcement rang out. Oh well t’was worth it!

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