Misheard lyrics #2

I was just putting together a lasagna for tonight’s dinner (it’s happily bubbling in the oven as we speak) and to keep myself amused I had my mp3 player on while sauteing and grating.

I had downloaded a bunch of songs for free (legit!) from some promotional cards Sean got when he sold some of his old video games to EB Games. He barely has 10 songs he likes or knows he likes so I got em, or rather most of them close to 80 songs worth (I’m still not done picking them all out)

You kind of have to weed your way through a lot of crap to find something you want but I’ve done pretty well. My problem has always been I may know a song to hear it, especially when you get to the chorus, but I have ZERO clue who may sing it or how it may sound from just the title.

Tom pointed out some songs from Squeeze who’s name sounded familiar and once I played the snippet they call samples I was all “Ohhh YEAHHH!! OK! sounds familiar kinda” and picked up a few.

Tonight while listening to my MP3 player a Squeeze song came on and I finally realised that the words in the chorus weren’t (and this is after downloading it and seeing it’s name) “Pulling muscles for Michelle.” but in fact “Pulling muscles from a shell” Yeah, kind of a different concept.

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