More pink kitchen stuff

Yes, it’s an obsession!

Once again going through Sunday morning flyers and once again Tom pointing out to me more pink things I HAD to go and get them. Yay!

The very cool part is portions of the purchase price are being donated for Breast Cancer research so not only am I feeding my jones for pink things, I’m helping a good cause.


It was great having Tom home all day yesterday, as I’ve mentioned before it’s rare that we get to spend more than a few hours together and we made it a complete veg day. We had a movie marathon where Sean, Tom and I each chose a movie to watch from our existing collection. We closed off the evening with several Arrested Development episodes (season three and bloody crime it was cancelled!) A nice lazy day.

Oops time for Amazing Race!

************After the Show**********

I have now officially picked my favourite team for this Amazing Race season; Erwin and Godwin .

I love how they are in the spirit of the game and are enjoying it, kinda like the Hippies from last season. Very cool.

Coming in a close second are the Bama ladies and the Kentucky couple, I’ve got a soft spot for Southerners.

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